kimmie56 пишет:

3746 дней назад
that was a lovely story......

dap77 пишет:

3746 дней назад
This is very touching and heart warming! 


3746 дней назад
OMG, ich habe geweint... 

Gwefr пишет:

3746 дней назад
Aw.. that is so touching!

swtjade пишет:

3746 дней назад
aww god bless them

dmg1953 пишет:

3746 дней назад
The story is absolutely amazing just like your picture....brought tears to my eyes...thank you so much for sharing this..

Deziraelynn пишет:

3746 дней назад
The picture is priceless, the story is a testimony to God's love for all of us. The mother for having faith is true & precious.Amazing & thank u for sharing this beautiful story of survival,courage and of course love & determination. I've got a 6 yr old miracle running around here every day,full of life & at birth he died but they brought him back, said he wouldn't make it, but by the Grace of God & good doctors he is alive & healthy. There are miracles, u have to just believe.U have touched me.

CavieJane пишет:

3746 дней назад
Now you did it. You made me cry.
This is a true Miracle, indeed. Only God could have done this. Praise be to the Almighty for He has proven to the unbelievers that he is truly the caregiver of life. and Thanks be to Jesus for giving his life so we may live to see such miracles. 
Suddenly all my problems and worries are gone. For I can actually feel Our Lord here with me as a tears rolls down my cheek.
God Bless You for making us all cry, with the realization of our vulnerability.
~hugs Jane
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