MsDmeanR пишет:

3750 дней назад

Joycieoh пишет:

3750 дней назад
wow  what  a  heart  filled  story with alot  of  tears  both sad  &  this someone  u  know? Yes  indeed miracles  do  happen♥♥♥

ronniep123 пишет:

3750 дней назад
Now see your trying to make me cry. Such a Beautiful and touching story. Happy 18Th. If I could Id give you 1000 *'s 
Thank you for sharing this Beautiful Story.

mileyloverfor... пишет:

3750 дней назад
omj that was so freaken sad lol 5 starst wait i lost did she die?

jonasbro101 пишет:

3750 дней назад
that was amazing! i loved it five stars

massingangie пишет:

3750 дней назад
OMG> KIMMY ! Is this your daughter or grand daughter? I can't remember if we are close in age or not, but I do have a 16 yr. old as you know. What a gift from God. May he always bless this Young lady as we know he will as he always has. Hugs xxx Angie

ilsabailey пишет:

3750 дней назад
The Blingee is wonderful but the story I type this in a blur with goose bumps. Praise Be the Glory   

gladysdecardenas пишет:

3750 дней назад
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