Вид веб-канала Вид эскизов
**~* It Devours me whole and throws my Remnants into an Abyss *~**
**~* Which one do you want to taste? *~**
**~* Don't go any further ... if you don't want to be tainted. *~**
**~* I always knew what I wanted to be *~**
~ I wish you a wonderful day ~
**~* Sometimes you meet an Angel disguised as a Human *~**
**~* My Home is a World only We can live in *~**
**~* Am I the Prisoner or the Warden? - Probably both *~**
Hibari Kyoya
.ιт's мσяηιиɢ иσω♚
...Nιcнт ∂єη Tσ∂ ѕσℓℓтє мαη ƒϋяcнтєη, ѕση∂єяη ∂αß мαη ηιє вєgιηηєη ωιя∂, zυ ℓєвєη. - Mαяcυѕ Aυяєℓιυѕ...