Toby Keith Is My Life ~ BBP

Toby Keith Is My Life ~ BBP
My 6' 3" Hunka country man :D Born July 8, 1961, Toby Keith Covel. **** Instead of a bio I will share my experience with Toby, lol ***** In 2006 my hubby heard that Toby Keith was going to be in town a week after my birthday. So he made arrangements thru a friend he knew at the stadium and got me 3rd row center seats and suprised me for my Bday present. Not only was I hysterical, i cannot tell you what this mans voice does to me, teehee Overcoming my excitement I couldnt hardly sleep for a week. So the day of the concert I had on my tighest cutest looking cowgirl jeans & vest & cowgirl boots and i was styling at the show. We picked up a few beers and headed staright to our seats where i danced & partied w/my hubby until Toby came on stage. Just to let you know I have been to many a concert, many huge bands and have even met numerous bands thru out the years, but this was TOBY "FREAKIN" Keith, lol Okay, so Toby made his way onto the stage, i tell ya it was on, i pushed my way to the front getting held back by security and almost got arrested, lmao But i didnt care I sang & danced & drank soooooooooooo much that it didnt even matter. My hubby was crackin up and all the people around us were telling security to let me go, hahahahaha maybe u had to be there, but it was to freakin fun, had a blast, was sweating from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, after the show was over I had to walk around our seats looking for my hat and boots that somehow came off during the concert. I am telling you this man has sumthing in his voice that brings me to my knees, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I had the best time, cant wait to see him again :)
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billsangel1984 пишет:

3645 дней назад
nice blingee

Dannyplusahne3 пишет:

3645 дней назад
he´s such a great singer... congrats to this good place...

blazingbloomers пишет:

3648 дней назад
wow 1 of mom's fave singers..this is perfect :) ♥ it

TGRAMS пишет:

3653 дня назад
who cares about age...let's chase him anyway!

CavieJane пишет:

3654 дня назад
OMGosh If only I was younger and he was single. I sure would chase him around a field or two. LOL
I do have to say that he sure can make a woman's  heart pound faster(I guess a man's too).
You did excellent. This is in my favorites, and I'll be seeing this in my dreams tonight. hehe
~hugs Jane

goofyanimal пишет:

3654 дня назад
OMG! I sooo love this blingee. You did a wonderful job on this. I love Toby Keith,, also saw him in concert (not as close but still) heheeeee ;) 5 stars and in my faves =D

Cassee48 пишет:

3655 дней назад
Go Anna!! You sound like my daughter at a Hanson concert!!! But she security did remove her from the concert for being over-velious!! After 15 minutes, they let her back in. She was 18 at the time and in San Francisco as a graduation gift. The trip & concert were her grad gift from me. She went with another Hanson fan from Connetticutt & her parents. Last Sat (Oct3rd), we went to Hanson concert here in Mpls. Had a great time!! She didn't get hauled out of the show this time-neither did I-HeHe!

senstx пишет:

3655 дней назад
this is gorgeous, he is gorgeous and ur story sounds like a damn good time to me! 

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