Bro Vrs Bro

Bro Vrs Bro
James:*goes to sleep and has a flash back....*(there both in wolf form) Liam:*alone at stream drinking water* James:*sneeks up bhinde him him and jumps in air* Liam:*turns round sharply and grabs hold of his neck and slings him 2 floor b4 james can pounce on him* DONT try is brother not in the mood James:*gets up and growls low* u never are Liam:*growls* go away i want 2 be on my own James:NO its a free land i can go were ever i please Liam:*snarls* fine *drinks more water* James:*narrows eyes at him* Brick:*walks up* Hello *drinks water* James:-_- Rose:*runs up and playfully tackles liam*hello big bruvver ^^ Liam:*smiles and jumps in stream and catches a small fish and gives it to rose*here u are sis ^^ Rose:*smiles*thanks bro ^^ *eats it* James:*claws clentch in2 ground as he glares at liam*Liam:*smiles at rose and lays down alert* Brick:*smiles and looks at james and rolls eyes* Rose:*lays down next 2 liam*ur the best brother in the world ^^ i wouldnt change u 4 a soul James:*growls and hair on back stands up with ears spiked up* Liam:*smiles*and ur the best sibling in the world *smirks over at james* James:*growls* Brick:u 2 wanna come and get some proper food *chuckles* Liam:HEY fish is proper food *chuckles* Rose:4 a cat *giggles* Liam:yh .... *smiles and looks at james* il be there in a moment Rose/brick:ok *run off* Liam:*smirks at james and walks over 2 him*James:*growls* y aint u going *narrows eyes* Liam:*growls and smirks*i wanted 2 c if u wer cumin? James:*growls*ur joking right? Liam:*shakes head* no ..... i no wev had our differences bu...James:no im not coming i dont trust u and never will iv already made a mistake by doing so Liam:4GOD SAKE GROW UP THAT WAS WAS A YEAR AGO James:*snarls*i dont care even if it was 6 billion years ago, wolves dont let over wolves do that to them *growls and tackles agresivly and bites his chest Liam:*snarls and pushes him off and lobs him 2 the ground*James:*yelps in his sleep* Liam:no use ur never defeat me and u no its true James:but i can try *rams in2 him and nips his hind leg and lobs him at cliff* Liam:*pounces at him and sinks teeth just below his eyeball* James:*whines and keeps bashing him in2 cliff* Liam:*falls off him and the top of the cliff comes tumbering down on liam trapping him as he yelps* James:*backs away wiv a scar under his eye and bleeding all over* Liam:*bits of cliff covers liam and is unable 2 move* james ....*says weeekly*help me....plz ..... James:*backs away and turns round* Liam:JAMES!!!!*crys*dont leave me here plz .....*crys*im ur brother James:*runs away* Liam:JAMES *coughs up blood and tears stroll down face with pain* James:*stops and turns back and watches a massive rock on the top of the cliff come tumberling down ontop of liam* liam:AHHHHH *gets squashed by the rock and his blood squirts out evrywhere some even goes on james body* James:*gasps*what have i done *wakes up with tears down face*
создатель: wolf-dog

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