Not u again

Not u again
Zack: *walks down the road* Tom: *bumps in2 him* HEY LOOK OUT! Zack: SORRY! *looks at him* wait tom!? Tom: Zack? Zack: OMG I GOT 2 tell EVERYONE U R BACK! Tom: NO!! *growls* Zack: why not!? Tom: they all hated me to the bone! Zack: *glares at him* THEN WHY ARE YOU BACK!? Tom: i just came to pick up so things!!! Zack: uh huh Tom: IT'S TRUE!! Zack: *kicks a rock and walks off* Tom: That fucken ass hole -.- can't keep his nose out of stuff Kyle: *runs and crashes into Tom* ARG!!! Tom: *falls down* WHAT THE HELL!!??! Kyle: WATCH OUT YOU HORE!! *looks at him* t-t-t TOM!! I THOUGHT YOU DIED!!! Tom: *covers his mouth* SHH!! i want them to think i am dead Kyle: why? Tom -_- because they HATE me Kyle: Not true! Tom: *glares at him* Bull they don't Kyle: *huffs* well you should have not hurt Penny Tom: I DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT PEN!! *stops* penny Kyle: *signs and walks off* Tom: penny *opens his pic book* Penny i loved you *signs* but i hurt you *closes the book and walks away* (TO BE FINSHED LATER ON) (finsh later)
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