If I Could Turn Back Time_I Wouldn't

If I Could Turn Back Time_I Wouldn't
Dear Kool Smiles, My name is ******* and either way, this is not the last your company will hear from me. I worked for your company starting July 16th 2008 and I quit working there because the work environment was hostile, an employee named Latosha Johnson sent me an email telling me I am generationally cursed and when I emailed a friend in another state telling them about the problems I was having on the job, my email accounts were deleted. when I came into work, Tambry told me I was laid off and in front of Terri Beeler, Dr. Mian (who punched a little girl strapped down) and Crystal Wilson. Not only was my paycheck tampered with but your company changed my social number knowing what my correct number is. I have proof. Since filing reports against your company, I have been stalked online and in public, electronically harrassed which is why I kept emailing everyone saying "my stalker is a demonic rapist". Although everyone talked about me for what I did online, even what I added to my amazon account, I know that the manager, Tambry Cundiff gave my co-workers access to my email account. While I worked there, I was attacked with electronic device's. You people need to change my social. Last year, I tried to walk away from everything I had been through but this year, I refuse. I have children around me and your company is still fucking with me and my life. Change my number! You have no choice and I will still continue to expose and exploit your company. You will pay for what happened to me. I am not going to send you a long email about my intentions towards you. I have been direct enough. I have even given you links to my accounts that expose you and your company. If the other employee's didn't not know about Blue Beam Project, Tambry, Elieen Prince and Latosha Johnson knew. I know they did. I am not planning to sue your company. What I have been through has no price attached to it. Change my fucking social number. This isn't my first time emailing you and I have everything you did to me online.
создатель: aliceiris711

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3440 дней назад
People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply by the lives they lead. 

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