Patrick Mansion.Episode 19.Run.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 19.Run.
Pete was frozen to the spot,wondering whether to help or to run. 'GERARD!',pete snapped. Gerard quickly whipped round to see pete running towards him. Gerard ran down the alley and swiftly turned a short corner. Leading to stairs. He struggled to hold patrick's floppy body up as he carried him over his shoulder whilst climbing onto the roof. 'GERARD!LET HIM GO!',pete shouted as he ran to the stairs. 'Realy?U REALY WANT ME TO LET HIM GO!?',gerard laughed. 'You know what i mean!Why are you doing this!?',pete cried. 'Because your mine,and if anyones in the way,i will kill them to get to you'. 'Im not even with patrick anymore!'. 'WHAT!?' 'Yeh,im with a-',pete decided to stop before he said ashlee,he couldnt land her in this mess,'Im with a girl'. 'Oh!Thats rich,u fight for your love and then you let,him slip!',gerard held patrick over the buildings roof edge. 'NO!GERARD LET HIM GO!',pete didnt move from the spot on the roof as he didnt want it to cause gerard to make sudden movements. 'Well whats the point if you dont even love him anymore,you have a perfect family now i guess,yeh thats right,straight old pete with his perfect life! 'My life isnt perfect!And definatley not when your in it!,i dont love you gerard,your gonna have to get over that'. 'Ok,ok sure,ill leave you,but...well i guess that means you dont want patrick anymore either!',gerard seemed to laugh evily. 'Of course i want patrick!' 'Thats isnt what you said before,now its too late'. Gerard pushed patrick over the edge. 'PATRICK!PATRICK!',pete scramed as he ran down the ladder and to his side. 'OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?',pete looked up to see gerard had disapeared. 'Patrick,speak,just,blink',pete whispered as he held patricks lifeless hand tightly. 'I love you patrick,dont leave me,i need you'. Pete picked up patricks lifeless,but heavy body and tryed his best to carry him. With the short walk he had taken,he must be close to patrick,alice,emily,bradie,nell and roberts house. He trudged down the steet and must have turned about three corners. His knees were about to give in,But he spotted the house in the ditance. Pete looked at patricks perfect,angelic face and kissed it softly hopping that it would awake. Pete managded to kick down the door to find alice sitting in the kitchen,crying. 'Patrick!?',allice sprang up. 'Alice?Its pete!',pete called as he flicked on the lights. 'Oh my god pete wher-',alice looked at pete to see patrick in his arms. 'WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED!?',alice screamed as she gripped patricks hand,trying to wake him. 'Ill explain later,but he isnt dead,we need to get him to a hospital as quick as we can',pete said calmly. 'Ok,pete,can you drive?Ill sit with patrick,heres the keys'. Alice huffed as she struggled to get into the car with her growing belly. Pete looked at it awkwardly for a second and then started the car. 'Do you know where to go?',alice suddenly panicked as pete turned a round - about. 'Yeh of course,besides i have th sat nav women',pete weakily smiled. 'Aye,stop flirtin with the sat nav women pete',alice tried to laugh. They burst through the doors as alice panted and nurses crowded round her. 'Not me,him!',alice cried,pointing at patrick in petes arms. 'Oh my god,how long has it been since you found him?',one nurse gasped at his pale face. 'Hes naturaly plae you idiots!Its been about 20 minutes,please just get him awake!',pete spat. The nurses rushed him off on a bed as pete and alice sat down and sighed deeply. 3 and a half hours passed and alice was asleep on petes shoulder. Pete was still awake,shaking from the amount of coffee he was drinking to try and stay awake. 'You may see him now',dr.facenelli smiled at them,the odd pair in the waiting room. The pregnant lady with frizzy hair and run mascara. And the shaking tear stained emo on coffee. 'Hes not fully concoius yet,but hes waking'. 'Thank you doctor',they smiled weakily as they both walked into patricks room. It made them feel uneasy at the sight of him wired up. 'Patrick?Patrick??',the both whispered as they crowded round him. His eyes seemed to be twitching open. Alice looked over to see dr.facenelli at the window gesturing for them to sit down. They took out seats and each held patricks hands which were ice cold. 'P-pete?',patrick coughed. 'Yeh,its me pete trick,now you dont have to try to talk or do anything,were just so,so glad your alive',pete sobbed. 'Huh?',patricks face turned puzzled. 'Yeh,alice is here too,emily,bradie,nell,josh,rebecca and robert would be here but they went out for pizza,aparaently alice was gonna come in the first place cos of a 'guy' there', Pete rolled his eyes. Patrick tried to smile. But he also seemed jelous. It soon turned 2 in the morning but neither dared to leave his side,they read the cringes from magazines,laughed at the couples arguing about sat nav women, and texted everyone to say what had happened. 'Josh seemed to be the only one to reply,and he even said theyve been busy,something like an early night?apparently he only just got my text',alice acted confused but she knew damn well was he meant. 'Im gonna got get a coffee',alice sighed as she kissed patricks forehead and went to the tuc shop. 'Ah,patrick you didnt half worry us all,'pete smiled,'but it made me realise,i love you'. Alice stopped as she overheard. Patrick didnt say anything as he stared at alice,hoping pete would get the picture. 'Wha-?',pete whipped round to see allice coming over,not looking too happy. 'Alice it do-',patrick started but alice shushed him. 'Listen,i told you to stay with pete in the first place,sure,you love me and pete loves ashlee but you two BELONG together',she sighed. 'Are you sure alice?',pete smiled. 'Of course,besides,im carrying her for you'. Pete's mouth dropped and a grin spread across patricks face. 'He wants a boy,and to call it pete',patrick chuckled. 'Sorry to disapoint,but theres no need for that anyway!I mean,petes pete!',alice giggled back. 'No,im just happy im blesses with a baby',pete tried to hold back tears. 'Baby',patrick muttered under his breath at pete. Luckily pete thought he was talking about the actual baby',aye,a little baby'.
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