'Death has come to get me....'

'Death has come to get me....'
Shadow Is an immortal as most of you shadow fans know. the guy who's got Shadow's head? That guy is the Angel of Death. He comes to get those whose times have past them. Shadow was supposed to die but was rescued. Now Death has come to get him. Just to make this more clear, for those of you who may argue becasue Shadow is immortal. He cannot die. But the Angel Of Death can take anyones life. In the story I was writing, the Angel of Death made an apperance. He tells Shadow- never mind just read the passage and you might understand.: Shadow walked slowly along the side of the road. He stared stait ahead, deep in thought. "Why did he save me?" He asked himself. "That is so unlike him...Delta (Delta is one of my characters. He is a glow in the dark ninja hedgehog.) hates me..." "Well, well, well..." Shadow whipped his black body around to see a black hedgehog. He had no pupils, he had large black bat wings, and the tail of the devil. "Why are you out here alone, Shadow the hedgehog?" The other hedgehog asked. "Who are you?" Shadow asked calmly. He decided he wouldo nly get violent if it was needed. "I am the Angel of Death. But you can call me Death." He purred. "Hm, why are you here, Death." His name slipped off his tougne like daggers being plunged into the heart. "You were resucued from destruction were you not? A scientis that was absolutely cappable of taking you appart?" Death said. the black hedgehog nodded. "Why is it any of your buisness?" He growled. "Oh...Well, it was your time...And you resisted. Have you any last words? I shall be taking your life." Death said casually. "You'll have to come and get it..." Shadow snarled. (Sorry I'm skipping the battle) Shadow stood tall over the lifelesss body of the Angel of Death. "I am Eternal." He growled triumphantly. The black hedgehog limped away. He stopped 2 yards away from the body and turned back. "You may have come here to kill me...But I will always feel remorse for killing you...It was against my promise...And I am sorry." The blood-stained hedgehog left with theat. All that could be heard in the city was the cllacking of Shadow's metal shoes against the pavement. "You got away this time...but you won't when I return...We need a new plan...Black One..." Hissed the Angel of Death.
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...1234567890... пишет:

3359 дней назад
Shadow never die (in spite of being super cute) the angel of death shall not kill him, because Shadow is immortal

Darkangelqueen09 пишет:

3384 дня назад
Shadow will never die!!!!! I'll save him if I have to!!!

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