Shadow V.S Danniley year 1952

Shadow V.S Danniley year 1952
story time :3...danniley's p.o.v I have rentley drank my meal.It was a male and bule that's was all I konw.My clohes are blood staned.There was a other male that was with him...that male was a vampire hunter...a sexy vampire hunter I miat add he looks like mate wrefey.He was give me the death look than he said"YOU KILLED MY FRIEND!!YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER!"I reponed to his lie."I am not a monster!I was hungrey!I can't help it that I killed your friend.I'm sorry,but you can keep his body if you like I have no more use with it."I said trying to help the vampire hunter I just his to konw his name."What is your name?"I said than run to his side."Shadow...shadow the hedgehog."he,I mean shadow said."my name is danniley angelo."than he tryed to punch me.I doged his punch with my vampire speed."Come on now shadow lets have a chat.I'm sorry that I killed your friend.but I cann't help it I was furen you."I said like I was his conculer."why can't you hold still?!"shadow said trying to throw his grlic jusiced crosses at me."becuase your trying to hurt me,but i'm trying to make some peace here sexy."I said"you think *i'm* sexy."than he bulshes love it a narutl feeling for montils,but vampires lust when I want some thing I'ill go for it and I want him so i'm going for him with every fiber of my vampire carms and my montil honsety to make him mine and fest on his blood."Wait this miat be one of your vampire ticks so you could suck my blood!""yes and no."I said rubing his chest."so you want my-""and someting alse.""are you sure?"yes...hell to the yes.""I will say it you danniley angelo take the breath right out of me."saying wail I was trying to get closer to neck where his blood fillows and where I will get a vamphog man."Helllloooo love..."I said than bited his neck than fested on his blood.To tell you the turth it tasted like aolchol...the one thing I cann't not reast next to orenge soda and LSDS.shadow started to moun."Don't wrey love,it will be all over soon."I said than rubing his chest after that I kissed him.Than I herd two other people comeing this I hid in the shadows well...shadow.still festing opon his blood and lfet the bule hedgehog's body for dead after all he is dead I cuted him to death and drank the blood spiling.When they came it was a fox and enidna both were yelling"SONIC!!SHADOW!!WHERE ARE YOU TWO!!"than the fox gasped at the sight of the cuted dead body."kuncles...""yes tails...?OH MY GOD!!!""If sonic's dead,where's shadow?""I don't konw but when amy hears this she's probiley going to kill her sulf."tails said"Look's like we are going to have to barey sonic and palce a funrel for him.""I wonder who is the jackass that did this to sonic?"JACKASS!!WHY I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU THE MEANING OF JACKASS,FUCKED UP,SRQUD AND PWOND WHEN I'M FINSHED WITH YOU TAILS!!!!than I left the sence with shadow in my arms and toke him to my house,when he woke up it was mroning."Good mroning sleppy head!"I said than give him some cow blood and a big berkey."Thank you."shadow said than simled than that simle turnd into a frown."What happned last night?""well...I can't all of it,but I can say this your now a vamphog,that means half hedgehog and half vampire and also my mate...""wtf?How!?!""Well lust is lust all i'm saying.""SO YOU BITE ME!!""HEY I SAVED YOUR LIFE!""how?""Rember vamphog.""well looks like the hunter has become the hunted.And you and I well have alot of bonding time until...""until what?""get married and have children of corse." the end
создатель: angelo9900

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