The precise moment to say I love u...

The precise moment to say I love u...
We met on the ball and we couldn't stop looking at each other and suddenly out from the crowd u got very close to me and ask me: will u dance with me? and I accepted... And how as soon the music stopped my father grabbed me by my arm and told u to stay away from me, why wouldn't he want me to be with u if u were son of a lord... But then i discovered that ur father was an businessman and that he had tricked my father with one of the deals he had made with him... But I was always stubborn, I wasn't gonna ignor the feelings that my heart was feeling for u... And so we would see ach other in secret almost every night until one we decided to be together forever and planned to run away by the time everyone else was in the church waiting for me to arrive so I could marry a man my father wanted me to marry.... And that same afternoon I escaped from my home with some jewels and money to live and waited for u till the day was beginning to become night, and for an instant I wondered if u didn't love me that u were just playing with my heart... But suddenly from the woods there came a noise and suddenly I saw ur face, where were u, what happened??? I would ask but the only thing u did was nail before me and took a little box from ur pocket and said: Marry me Juliet, be my bride, I've talked to ur father and he has agreed to let us get married and also to let u use ure mother's wedding dress, plizzz say yes, and after u said such words the only things I could do was chuckle while some tears were coming out from my eyes and suddenly in the precise moment I shouted yes and hugged u and then said: Yes I do want to be ur bride, because I love u, and suddenly we kissed by the bridge....
создатель: Teengodees

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Mina918 пишет:

3495 дней назад
wow! really beautiful..the words are so wonderful...5*

albinutza07 пишет:

3496 дней назад
woah my dear absolutely stunning!i have no words!5**********

mejserr пишет:

3499 дней назад
Beautiful & so romantic story, splendid design. Maravilloso

sweetterror пишет:

3499 дней назад
aww this is wonderous so romantic and sweet 5* :)

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