Aqua's Story

Aqua's Story
When I was born, I lived with my mother and farther and my brother Alex, and two sisters April and Poppy. One day when we were old enough to leave the den, our parents took us to the meadow. Alex wandered off to explore and was killed by shock from man who he spotted in the bush staring at him. My farther thought that Alex was alive so he stood infront of him and got shot. Then it was just me and my mother and my sisters. One day when my and my mother were in the den while April and Poppy playing, we heard a screech. My mom and I got up to our hoofs and ran. When we got to Great Canyon, we saw April and Poppy getting attacked by wild dogs. But we were too late, they both skidded of the edge and looked at us one more time and fell. A few years later passed and me and my mom were happy. We were just relaxing and eating grass till my mom put her head up and her ears picked up. She looked around and nudged me. I dident understand why she was. She contiued to budge me till a huge black wolf came out of the grass snarling. My mother glared at the wolf and charged and bucked it. A other wolf saw me and started running after me. I ran off as fast as my legs could carry me. I started to pant. The more I panted, the closer the wolf got. But my mother jumped infront of the wolf and bucked and bucked and bucked it. I contiued to run. I ran and ran and heard a squeal with pain. Tears came out of my eyes, but I still kept running. About an hour later I was cuddled up in a bush frightend to death. I decided to head back to find my mother. I got to the opening were we were eating. I gasped to see a doe lying limply in a pool of blood. "M-mom..?" I gulped. Tears came out of my eyes and rolled down my cheek making puddles. I was too frightend to stare more and ran off, leaving the body of my mom. [I was gonna add a tear but I forgot too >.<]
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MaríaTheDeer710 пишет:

3236 дней назад
Oh that sad story poor Aqua.Who care for her if her parents died?

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