lolena part 3

lolena part 3
enjoy! selena and logan walked up to nick."hey nick, this is logan." slena said "hi logan," nick said. his voice trailed of at the end. nick was upset , becouse he thought logan and selena were goign out. "yu two" nick asked. then logan and selena relized that they were holding hands. niether of then knew. they both let go and said no at the same time. "um you want water?" selena asked logan. "sure." logan replyed. selena went inside the house to get some water. logan and nick stayed outside. "so you two close?" nick asked logan. "um ,i gu-" "nevermind, what kind of question is that. every boy falls for selena.including me. i will never give up on her." nick interupted logan. "so, what kind of dog is that?" logan said trying to change the subject. he knew inside that he was falling for selena , and that what nick said made him jelouse. "a golden retrever." nick said. still beding down peetin he dog. " cool , my aunt has one." logan was trying to not show his jeluosy. "whats it's name?" "um well i dont know, selena hasent's hers now." nick said. he got up and got the grass of his pants. logan noded his head. then he saw selena some out the door with the glass of water. she came to nick and logan. "here you go , logan." selena said. "thanks , selena." loagn said. logan grabbed the glass of water and drank some. selena went to his side. nick just lokked how close they were, even though logan and selena didnt notice. "so selena, whats the doggs name going to be?" logan said breaking the silnce. "ohh um i dont know. nick , is it a she or a he?" selena said. "it's a she." nick said. she thinked alittle. "i got it! loli!" selena said saying it over to make sure it is good. "how about lola?" logan suggested. "thats perfect! thanks logan." selena said. "no problem, selena." "yea , thanks , logan." nick said. nick was paying so much attention of how close logan and selena were that he started to show alittle anger. "you ok,nick?" slena asked him. "yea, i'm fine." nick responded. "so , hername is lola?" nick ased. "yup!"selena said. "thanks , for the dog nick! it is a very good that i got the perfect name." selena said petting her new dog saying her name. "no problem, selena." "hey , um why did you give me it any way? it's not even my birthday yet." selen said. logan was asking himeself the same question in his head. "well , i wanted to see you. so i guess i felt like seenig you with me giving you something." nick said. "hey do you want some food for her" logan asked. "sure , but i dont have any." selen said to logan. "i'll gi really quick ti the store. it's close by any ways." logan said. "close by, 23 min is not close by." selena said. " well you need it. you name it i get it" logan said. "ok , well get her the kichen cook one." "ok , i'll be right back." logan said. logan left to his car and got in. he started the engine and started to drive off. (with selen and nick) selena watched logan drive away. she smiled and looked back at lola. " let's go get you some water , lola. come on ! come on!" selena said to lola. lola followed selena inside ,leaving nick alone. nick sighed and went inside. slena had a boel for lola with water. lola was drinking. "she is a good listener ,too." selena said. "yup!" nick said. then he walked closeer to selena and leaned in. selena pulled away before nick could do anything. "nick! stop it ,please!" selena said walkin away. " how come it doesn't bother you when that logan guy gets close." nick said madliy. "he doesn't!" selena said. " how come you were holding hands?" nick asked "that was nothing! i know what it means to you , that's why. to me you and me are just friends!" "why? i want to e with you !" nick said. " but not me! i'm sorry!" selena said. nick grabbed selena's hand and pulled her in. "tell me you dont love me!" nick said. "i dont love you!" selena yelled it out. "what did that jerk ,logan do to you!" "first of all logan is not a jerk! and second of all let me go!" selena yelled.trying to break free. then logan walked in and saw selena struggling out of nicks arm.he dropped the food. "let her go!" logan said. selena looked at logan still trying to break free."not untill she relize that she still loves me!" nick said , stilll holding selena. " i dont love you!" slena yelled. nick looked at her. then logan ran twords nick and pulled him away. selena fell on the floor. then nick was about to punck logan when logan cought nick's hand. "dont ever make selena go with you by force!" logan said. then logan was going to puch him when he knew it wasent the right thing to do. then he just let go and went straight to selena.he knelt down and grabbed her. he picked her up and then stood her on her feet. "you ok?" logan asked selena. "yea , thanks logan. i am sorry for nick ! idont know whats gone into him." selena said to logan. then logan wrappped hi arms around selena and hugged her. "as long as your ok i dont care if i get hurt!" logan said. nick saw them and got mad. logan and selena finished hugging "selena -" "nick, please just go." selena said. nick left and closed the door behind him. "i know this isn't the time but it'll earse what just happend." logan said "what?" selena asked. "you still up for lunch , i mean if you want to do it a nother time then it's ok with me." logan said. selena gigled."sure, lets go." selena said. then she grabbed the food for the dog and put some food in a bowl. then lola went straigh to the food. "kk we will be right back!ok lola." selena said. then with out noticing logan wrapped his arm around selena and selena grabbed his hand and they left the house
создатель: celli101

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Melina45d пишет:

3709 дней назад
omg omg omg omg i luv this story so much.

TamminSursokfan пишет:

3710 дней назад
that was cool :)

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