Painting The Perfect Place

Painting The Perfect Place
ONE TI'S WAY OF DEALING WITH ORGANIZED STALKING AND DEW ATTACKS 1) Street theater can be cancelled by simply turning the TV or radio up (way up) or buying an industrial ventilator, which produces huge amounts of noise. If that bugs you, use the best ear plugs available in the market. 2) V2K is harder to cancel out, but it can be eradicated. Several layers of noise-cancelling material (curtains, pillows, even an old mattress) can act as a shield. If that still doesn't work, learn to sleep with the TV on with loud volume. You cannot hear V2K if there is louder source of "sound" (I put this in quote because V2K does not propagate as sound waves) in the room. 3) Confront the attackers and stalk them yourself. Make them feel fear just like they do (or try to do) unto you. That way they will not be comfortable and will be more and more reluctant to go along. Be unpredictable. If they put dog turd on your porch, put eggs in a bottle and bury it for several weeks, then pour the contents on their porch (always concealing your face appropriately and only whenever they're asleep). If they are loud and obnoxious, be loud yourself and annoy them whenever you can if they live next to you and especially when you know they are sleeping. Loud music (especially if you know what music they detest) and other tactics will make them be more angry but at the same time more careful. Singing while ridiculing their acts, in the middle of the night (if they live next to you) will make them feel useless. I cannot stress enough that for an effective defense there has got to be an offensive. You cannot sit and wait for the law to help you, that will simply not happen we're years away from that. All of this is a rather unfortunate but very necessary evil, you are not dealing with humans, you are dealing with demons. You deal with an enemy that is completely devoid of mercy and you cannot be tender, that is what they want, to subjugate your will. 4) Go out often. This includes the unpredictable factor. The more time you spend away from home the more their plans get ruined. The stalkers will make great elaborate plans that will simply fail when you are not present when they expect you to be there. For example, you know they are about to make a party? Not a problem, you take your things and go to work, even if it's 2 am in the morning or simply drive around or go to a nice quiet place. Work keeps you alive and well and if your co-workers are cool, that's a breath of fresh air. 5) Destroy your cell phone or give it to someone you can REALLY trust. Do not have a fixed phone landline. This, is possibly the most important point. You WILL be tracked via your cell phone; most of these people have friends in major phone companies who will help them track you down via relay towers, even if your cell phone is turned off. Don't carry your cell phone with you unless it is for business but never carry it with you when you need to "go away". CREDO can be a good alternative but even there you have got to be careful. Never give personal information out from within your home. 6) Don't oversleep. They want you to be lazy. Force yourself up even if you feel achy and drowsy (there are definitely gadgets that emit frequencies which will make you sleep more than what you need), get up after 8 hours of sleep and get out of your home whenever you're ready. 7) Microwave weapons.. this is a really dirty trick and they will use will make you feel coldish-hot and you will wake up with burn marks or stuff that seems as though you would have been scratched very badly or you will see these thousands of tiny red dots on your skin. Only point #3 will make this stop. You have to make these demons understand that for every action there is a consequence. They use microwave weapons on you, you slash their car's tires or steal their laundry. Over time they will begin to fear you and they'll begin to be careful. This of course won't be the end of it but it will be a start. This is what I call evening the table: you slowly begin to take the power away from them. 8) Invite friends over. Lots of them, the more the merrier and always in groups of 2 or more (use the same mentality like the enemy) and if they understand what is going on and are on your side, you are totally going to own the stalkers. Along with point #3, you bring your friends and ridicule these losers. Make them feel worthless and go on the offensive, don't just sit there and wait for some sort of miracle to happen. Laugh at the fact that they have all these gadgets and they are so useless that not even Freud could help them. 9) Lastly if this is a prolonged war, where you feel that the odds vastly outnumber you and you have few allies, eventually, you have got to leave, no matter how strong you are. When you do, you have to destroy your cell phone and forget about the past. Do NOT under any circumstance give your new address to any person you knew once you make the commitment to move, not even your family members; forget about phone calls; email them or better yet, use Skype which is highly encrypted and quite safe. Tell NO ONE where you're going. Best bet? Grab your stuff, your car, take your money and leave. Then, in the road, decide where you want to relocate. The farther you move the better. A wise idea may be to get rid of your computer as well. 10) Believe in yourself. You have all the power that it takes to overcome this obstacle and the thousands more that may or may not come. As you can see I don't have a magic answer but my approach worked decently at least, in my case. Zack
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