Teardrops on my Gutair Part 16*~*

Teardrops on my Gutair Part 16*~*
*~* The next day*~* Justin:hey shalice how come u never called me Me:sorry i was busy Justin:oh ok well can i have ur number Me:sure *i give him my number* Justin:thxs Me:ur welcome *justin goes up to Sophia* Justin:does shalice like me becuz it seems like she doesnt Sophia:she likes u Justin:really? Sophia:well idk she told me that ur probably stuck up beucz ur a big star so Justin:why does everyone think that Sophia:because idk but u should prove to her that ur not Justin:i was gonna ask her out Sophia:good do that Justin:ok *in math class* Justin:hey umm can I talk 2 u alone Me:sure *we go somewhere private* Me:wats going on/ Justin:shalice i really like you Me:sure Justin:I really do Me:ok Justin:i was wondering if u wanted 2 go out with my 2morrow night Me:yeah sure Justin:good Me:Good? Justin:i really wanted u 2 say yeah so yeah *Later* Kevin:hey sophia Sophia:wat do u want Kevin:nothing I just wanted to say I'm sorry Sophia:well it doesnt seem like it anyway have a great like with Danielle Kevin:I didnt mean to hurt u Sophia:goodbye Kevin *kevin walsk away* Carlos:wat was that about Sophia:kevin just wanted 2 say sorry Carlos:and wat did u say Sophia:that he really dudnt mean it and to have a great life with Danielle Carlos:oh cool *later* Lillian:so how's everything been with justin Me:u act like we r together now when we're not he doesnt go 4 girls like me Lillian:stop Me:ok wateves *kendall walks over* Kendall:he lillian Lillian:hey Me:bye Lillian:wait Me: I should really get going *i walk away* Edward:hey umm I'm Edward I'm new here Me:nice 2 meet u edward I'm Shalice Edward:its nice 2 meet u umm u look famliar have we met b4 Me:no I dont think we have Edward:are u sure Me:omg I remember u.Ur mom and my mom were friends when we were little Edward:oh thats right how have u been Me:eh ok how about u? Edward:good Me:u know we have all our classes 2gether Edward:how do u know Me:i just looked at ur schedule and if u want we could walk 2 class 2gether Edward:ok *justin comes up 2 us* Justin:umm whose this Me:oh this is edward we known each other since we were little edward justin justin edward *they shake hands* Me:well lest go 2 class Sophia:wait shalice whose this Me:this is edward.Edward this is sophia my bff I think u might remember her Edward:I do Sophia:I do 2 *justin looks jealous* Me:justin come here *we go on the step Me:wats wrong u seem upset Justin:I am i really want u 2 be my gf and im a lil jealous of edward Me:dont be he's my friend thats all Justin:promise Me:promise *He kisses me on the cheek *~*Will Justin be even more jealous of edward will they're datebe horrible will sophia go back 2 kevin will lillian have a good time on her date find out on episode 17*~*
создатель: shalice34

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Lillian98 пишет:

3455 дней назад
great can i act all weird around kendall like nervous weird?

Mymelody123321 пишет:

3457 дней назад
this is so touching 5 stars

Bprecious пишет:

3457 дней назад
i love ur stories their amazing i want to do one!!!
love yaa sis!

tbitw93 пишет:

3457 дней назад
+5 ;)

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