My Okami Character

My Okami Character
This is my okami character Iceterasu. Hers her story. Iceterasu was born on earth, but had the powers of a god. Her parents were normal wolves. Every once and awhile, Amaterasu would take her son, Chibiterasu, to earth and visit her mortal friends. They went to visit Sakuya. When the arrived at Konohana, they saw Sakuya floating in the air, petting a little sleeping wolf pup, a female who was younger then Chibiterasu, with blue tiger stripes and her main fur color was a blinding snow white. "Great Mother Okami Amaterasu..." said Sakuya, "I am thrilled to see you visit the world of the mortals along with your son. I have found a little wolf pup, a female, but she is no normal wolf pup. She is like you, a goddess! When I saw her, she was making snow! She drew several dots in the sky and snow started falling! She has the power of the celestial brush as well. She doesn't only control snow, but ice and water too. She made a large amount of water like a fountain then jumped on it, made a wad of snow, used the celestial brush to draw a circle around it, then it turned into a block of ice!" explained Sakuya. Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's mouths were wide open when they heard this story. "Please Amaterasu, will you please take care of this poor pup? I don't know you its parents are. She said they left her." said the tree sprite. Ammy nodded, and Chibi was thrilled to have a younger sibling. Ammy took the sleeping pup and set it on her back, on her reflector Solar Flare, Ammy gave her first one Sakuya gave her, Divine Retrebution, to Chibi. She named her Iceterasu, because her power was mostly ice, and Iceterasu means Ice Amaterasu, so she was like an icey version of Ammy. Once they got back to the celestial plains, Ammy found a reflector, she called it Arctic Flame because it was a flame but it was cold and looked like ice. So thats how Iceterasu, or Icy, came to be.
создатель: jjackie1

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