Deadly Obsessions charcter profiles:Danniley Angi Angelo

Deadly Obsessions charcter profiles:Danniley Angi Angelo
YEP,YEP!:P I'm making profiles for the charcters in my new fanfic that i'm writing.^^ it's called Deadly Obsessions.I'm all most done with the frist chatper!:D well here is danniley's profile for my new fanfic Deadly Obsessions: name:Danniley Angi Angelo sex:female age:17,999*in Deadly Obsessions* species:vampire hedgehog b-day:stepmber,19 Personaloties:funny,sweet,kind,roadom,short tempered,humble,lazy at times likes:scourge the hedgehog,shadow the hedgehog,mephiles the dark,sonadow,mephdow,shadilver,mephiles X scourge,shadow X scourge,cookies,fights,funny stuff,dariy of a street divia,werewolfs,vampires,werehogs(becuase of there fulffy chest),phamtom of the oprea,saw6, sonic the hedgehog(1991),wolf man(2010),youtube,foopets,bilngee,mephonic dis-llikes:sonadow haters,haters(any kind),vampire haters,god(sometimes),the cross(surively argilc),people who steal,the people who canslled the shara silverman progrom,bullys,school,wakeing up early in the moring,computer vuris,yoai haters,yuri lovers(she not confrble with yuri but shows repset) crush:akai the vampire hedgehog boyfriend/husend:(boyfriend)akai the vampire hedgehog faverite bands:3 days grace,linkin park,red,skillet,there for tormmorw,evanessence,breaking benjamin,disturbed,eminem,weird al" yankovic,nightwish and much more(all rock,rap and metil) theme song:Lights Out by breaking benjamin story:She is a vampire who loves yoai and haveing fun.She was a oprea singer,docter,vet,a siloder in wrold war 2.She has a child named night shade angelo.Now she lives with scourge,shadow and mephiles,who by the way constey trys to have sex with her,well scourge and mephiles do but not shadow he gives danniley her sapce and kicks there butts for her if nassreray.Danniley was a single mother,her boyfriend(right now)is akai the vampire hedgehog and he now fathers night shade.She is comptely in love with him not with the 3 hedgehog that god(who she blamed for it)force her to live with;she olny sees them as friends and roommates,nothing more,nothing less.She is always there for her son and her friends when they need her help.that's danniley's story
создатель: angelo9900

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OOOOOH who else is in it?

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