Out of all people, its you (a justin bieber story) part 29

Out of all people, its you (a justin bieber story) part 29
(Your POV) Sure I'll miss my family and friends, but I couldn't wait to live in America! We put the three suitcases in the limo. When I got back inside, I saw my family hugging Straylo. "Oh hobo, why can't you stay?" Ariana whined. "I promise I'll be back when your big sis comes back. They all came to give me a hug. "(your name)," Daron said. "Hm?" "If you're living with Justin, can I meet Selena Gomez?" I laughed. "I will do my best." He gave me a tight squeeze and let go. Last but not least, Mom. "Mom," I sighed. "My baby, well your not a baby anymore, but my baby you've grown up!" I hugged her. Justin hugged her too. "Thank you Justin. I know you'll protect her." 'I will.' They let go and we walked out side. "Do we have to leave???" Straylo was playing hop-scotch. We all got into the limo. This is it. I thought to myself. I'm going to America.
создатель: Bprecious

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celli101 пишет:

3613 дней назад
wow cool blingee cool story !!

990990 пишет:

3613 дней назад
i miss ya sooo  much :(

tetes27 пишет:

3616 дней назад
nice historyyy !!! cute blingee!!!!

starfire800 пишет:

3617 дней назад
amazing  and this blingee is awesome!!!!

xXI.Love.U.Xx пишет:

3617 дней назад
omfg really exciting climax :D
can't wait for the next <3

ashleykay101 пишет:

3617 дней назад
This is amazing i cant waittt for Part 30!!
I love it.
I wish it was real :'D!

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