Back to Basics

Back to Basics
The headlights of my car illuminate the blue birds on the fence post by grandmas house as I slowly drive in. The old rusted pickup truck still sitting there in the front yard as it has been for many years now. They are sleeping and have been since shortly after supper as has been their routine for years after a long hard days work. Grandma would have read her bible while grandpa read the daily news and listened to the radio in his old high backed chair in the corner of the living room. Grandmas furniture and lamps she ordered from the Spiegal catalog 20 years ago are still covered in plastic as no one but grandpa is allowed to enter there. I have given up my job, sold my possesions to return here. I have learned that those things are not so important anymore somehow. I am going back to the old ways, back to the basics so to say. It is the good way. I am txgal
создатель: tx_gal

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bobbi053 пишет:

3389 дней назад
Excellent, ♥♥♥♥♥!!!

dap77 пишет:

3389 дней назад

midnightstar1 пишет:

3390 дней назад
wonderful idea! the blingee itself is beautiful but the story  makes it complete!

papuzzetto пишет:

3390 дней назад
Good afternoon dear!!! 
Wonderful colors for this masterpiece!!!!

Have a nice day!♥♥♥

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