I Am Not An Artist, I'm Just A Woman

I Am Not An Artist, I'm Just A Woman
11-9-2010...I am definitely not an artist and soooo far from the best at making blingees! Heck , I can't even draw to save my life! The first time I even came on the computer was 2 years ago . My sons taught me because I went back to school for Communications and had to do papers for school. Than I started a face book to search out my one brother who I hadn't heard from..(LONG STORY!! ).... I ended up getting a life saving emergency surgery and had not been able to go back to my next semester that I signed up for so I joined blingee.It makes me feel soothed!!i Also By my very nature ..I am not a competitive person! So I know that there is always so much better than me out in this world!! I AM A SIMPLE PERSON , WITH SIMPLE DESIRES OF MY HEART! One time when I was in any competition was in JR high school many, many years ago, and I won the 275 yard dash. I was told to lose by a bully and so I did my best and won. It didn't make me feel good to win. I also won many dance contests but it wasn't because I wanted to win, I LOVE TO DANCE! Winning or losing didn't matter it was the LOVE OF WHAT I DID!! So that here in blingee land I create because it fulfills a need in me...NOT BECAUSE I AM A ARTIST OR GOOD AT IT!! I STINK AT IT!! THERE IS SOOO MANY ARTISTS ON HERE..BUT I AM NOT ONE.......
создатель: skylady12

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gooblegirl пишет:

3524 дня назад
wow, love this dark , serene blingee, Just beautiful!

smokeyeyes пишет:

3525 дней назад
Fantastic dear you are an awesome artist, splendid +5 kisses.

4r13s пишет:

3525 дней назад
I Think You Are A Fantastic Blingee Artist

Your Creations Are An Inspiration

You Have The Best Titles & Descriptions Too

& You Are A Wonderful Woman :D

SunMoonStars пишет:

3525 дней назад
wonderful creation! you are very talented! I can't draw either to save my life! thanks for sharing your story with us, it's always nice to learn about my friends! 5* 

irisclaire пишет:

3525 дней назад
alors, ton tableau montre ta personne, une belle femme reveuse, pensant a un nouveu blingee...

irisclaire пишет:

3525 дней назад
listen to me, mari ann: you are an artiste! ton imagination est immense... parce que tu aimes dancer ...ca nous montre une vraie artiste. laisse tous les autre personnes et ecoute-moi. je suis enchantee de tous tes creations, ton ame est plein de sensibilite, de compassion, de romantisme. je ne dis pas ca parce que tu es mon amie, mais c`est vrai.

Dillon19976 пишет:

3525 дней назад
Wouaaa!! Outstannding!!!

bridjet26 пишет:

3525 дней назад
excellent gothic ********5

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