Through The Fire, To The Limit

Through The Fire, To The Limit
Store up yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Above all else, guard your heart. ~ Proverbs 4:23 and Matthew 6:20-21**********************A lot of people think this started since childhood. For me personally, although I hear rappers mentioning spitting a government chip out (Ludacris Screw Up), I know that I became a victim of direct energy weapons, voice to skull technology and gangstalking after I filed a law suit with The Galt House Hotel in 2007. I think that I was experiemented on and that the goal was for me to kill myself. I told one of the women at Kool Smiles that as I teen, I was about 300+ pounds and because I was insecure about my weight, I felt like I didn't fit in and I dealt with depression and thinking of suicide. Knowing these creeps have access to every single email I have sent and that the people in authority at The Galt House had access to my email's while working for the company and that they can pulled up an email from years ago let's me know that what these people did to me was premeditated. I can say that about every other company who has violated me, made fun of me, ruined my professional life, put me on proverty level and has access to my email accounts. These people in authority on Blingee have promoted picture's to me like "sweet dreams", rape-fear" and "I can see you". They also would load stamps for me to use which works against them. I haven't loaded all the stamps I used in my picture's and a lot of what happened to me online that I consider a part of mind control and psychological harassment, is still online for most people to see. One time, I loaded an article of my grandmother from a local news paper in the town I live in and my grandmother according to Muhammad Ali was his first love. This was one of many article's she was featured in and the day I posted it online (to prove that the same local newpaper who supported my grandmother would not support me when I told them what was happening), a picture of a female rat bent over with her dress pulled up that said "I love Ali" was promoted to me. When I have nightmare's, sometimes, picture's of "please stop the gothis dreams" will be promoted to me on that site. That is the mind control I will mention from now on and I have learned that they discredit us with the mind control. If I tell you that they promoted picture's of a burnette woman with green eyes were promoted to me that said "I am watching you", you wouldn't understand why that is mind control to me because you don't know that my former friend and co worker (at the galt house) has those features and started stalking me on myspace after I filed this sexual harassment suit with the galt house. my friend's mother was also the hr manager and she had to doing really underhanded and ungofly things to cover up the truth. Now a days, I mention the assaults which I call rape and I mention the facts that I can proved with documentation. I mention the stalking and how people in my class made fun of what I wrote in my journal including my nightmare's and my daddy. I was not confident enough to talk about my nightmare's outside of personal emails to cyber crime sites and my information was shared. I also know that my information was shared with the administration at my school because I have been harassed by my teachers already. That is against the law...I mean, to share my information with anyone. The FBI went to my mother's job and her manager telling them I am crazy and about my nightmare's of my father. My mother cried asking me if my daddy raped me. What the FBI did was against the law. There is so much to my story and while I type in online to let the people who what I remember, there is still so much that I haven't said. There's so much in my journal. When you write every single day, its like you make everything that you thought permanant. And I have evolved, too. I know now that I have to be careful about what I write in my journal. And I'll get better. I hope you do, too.
создатель: aliceiris711

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