I loved you....(By:Melanie....plez don't copy this blingee)

I loved you....(By:Melanie....plez don't copy this blingee)
PLease Read Complete Description: This was my baby...I loved him so much. He was my life. We would laugh alot and talk so much. He made me promise him that we would never break up. He wanted to tatoo my name on himself. He wanted to do so much more with me...We loved eachother. Everytime we were togther we would be like one piece never apart and always togther. He woudl brag about me just like i woudl brag about him. He was my perfect guy.Nothing about him was wrong for me. He made me do things that now i just laugh about...I would scream out that i loved him. We never cheated on eachother....Until one day he decided to move on...I don't knwo what happened...But he didn't even tell me he wanted to break up he told his friend and his friend to told me....I rmeber teh times we had and it makes me sad.. but I just wanted to make this becuz no matter what....he has my heart....I loved him....and...I still do. These are a few pics of him taht I love,the one with his finger up to his mouth was when he was 12...I love him...he was my baby and no matter what he has my heart....and i think....i have part of his heart becuz he did try tlkin to me again and calling me sweet things but then we didnt tlk again....there went our lvoe.....atleast I still have memories taht i will charish forver...Derek I lvoe you and u know it... A song that goes with this is: Love Sick by Nevershoutnever
создатель: melaniekac

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The guy i will nvr stop loving..My baby..
He thought it was teh best pic ever!
12 year old at the time
this is my bf he is my awsome babe!
love hurts
Don't forget to tell her this...! =]
i love you ' animated pink text
love you part 1
love you part 2
you dont know me
Grey Gray Black White Light Glitter
Diamond Hearts
Just Perfect



_mitchy_16 пишет:

3229 дней назад
omg.... poor you i agree whit the fact that he was cute^^
It so sad that you story finish like that i hope you gonna find an other boy, you should, every boy need a girlfriend like you your so awesome and sweet :) i hope he will realize that he propably loose the best side of his life
I love you Melanie <3

KylieeKiller пишет:

3229 дней назад
Awww...I cried while reading it :'( Love the blingee +5

Bejci пишет:

3229 дней назад
Perfect work!!!!!

fayth♥alex пишет:

3230 дней назад
im so sry 2 hear tht.. it well deserves a 5! and i would NEVER copy anything tht good...

troyboltonfan96 пишет:

3230 дней назад
Love it 5****

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