Please read description and help out

Please read description and help out
CHASE YOUR DREAMS and always try to make a positive difference in other's lives. God speaks in the silence of the heart. This is specially for the kids that need home, are in hospitals, or maybe sadly lost their parents. i feel really bad, now us can help the need to be happy. some people dont have a home i feel really bad, i dont know what to do to help. and thats why i made this, i hope you can tell me or i hope you have any ideas how i can help. JUST TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE'S LIFE Thanks so much for reading this, it means a lot!
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underworld97 пишет:

3042 days назад
aww that's really sweet 
I close my eyes and PRAY

charmed876 пишет:

3042 days назад
AWW that's really sweet i pray every night and now will pray for everyone!!

celli101 пишет:

3042 days назад
very nice! i feel the same way, too. i really don't have any ideas. But if i did i would share. and i will do as the blingee says. 

wb101 пишет:

3045 days назад
This is very very  nice. I always feel bad when I here this kind of things in da news or newspaper. sometimes it's so bad I even have da courage to cry..I honestly don't knw how to help sorry... Once again it's very very nice tht u want to help <3 take care

Melina45d пишет:

3045 days назад
wow this is neautiful. i also feel the same way. i want to help out but idk how. so i would tell u somethings u can do but im clueless my self but this is beautiful. remember even the samllest things can make a difference.=D


3046 days назад
yea. donate food and clothing to a local shelter or salvation army. you can make christmas cards and boxes full or little trinkets from the dollar store and give it to a local orphanage. anything you can do will help. try operation christmas child. you can look up more info on get your friends at school to help. get local businesses to help donate anything that they can. PRAY. thats the strongest thing you can do.

amg97 пишет:

3046 days назад
donate food to a shelter or donate to the santa project which is a charity that raises money so kids can have a christmas dinner or donate to toys for tots :P hope this helps:-)

o.O.Epic_Fail... пишет:

3046 days назад
well my mother and i go donate tons of clothing a year to the salvation army and during school we have the thanksgiving drop off...and in the Macy's i think it is..they're having people adopt a child's Santa's letter my mom and i might but christmas is next week,i remember when i 1st moved to the US and i lived with my parents in a tight basement 

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