Shooter the Robot monkey

Shooter the Robot monkey
*i redesighned her to look cooler just to let you know she dosent have a guys name Shooter is short for Black Rock Shooter*Name:Shooter(Black Rock Shooter)Likes:music,the colors red and blue,Playing her electric guitar/Dislikes:boys who flirt to much and really girly suff/Additude:shes sort of tomboyish but has a kind heart and will help anyone in trouble she has an EXTERMLY short temper though so dont piss her off XD/Weapons:Shape Shifting,confusion,teleportation she also carrys a gun with her all the time just in case oh and her hands have some dimonds in them so her hands actualy cant break but they can snap off/Shooter:Hey*smiles a bit*
создатель: blingeebird

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Black Rock Shooter the robot monkey(NEW DESIGHN)



naomi6246 пишет:

3203 дня назад
oh my god!! she's sooooo cute!!

Espiessa94 пишет:

3203 дня назад
Sprx:Hi *Smiles*

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