Characters part 1

Characters part 1
Demi Lovato as Aimee Miller. full name: Amelia Janica Miller. She has auburn hair and crystal blue eyes (I know demi's hair ain't auburn) She lives with her mom and 3 younger sibs. He loves fashion and has a good sense of leadership. Her father left them when she was 8, will she be ready to forgive when he begs to come back and apologize?She's a bit nosy and sometimes likes to see people when they're down./ Selena Gomez as Janella Weavdile. full name: Janella Ann Quizon-Weavdile.SHe had blackish black hair and emerald eyes. this half Filipina/Spanish has a rocky past behind her. she and her twin bro and her sister (Jason Kennedy Weavdile)'s parents died at the age of 10.(her sister 14). so they were switched to one place to another. but their life is miserable. they have been sent to places where there are murderers, forces to stay to a lumbermill.. found out some unpleasant truths.they also met kids in their situation. and became firends with them and ended all of those... but... When finally mr. and mrs. Garcia wanted to adopt Janella and Jason. they almost refused cuz they don't wanna leave their sister behind. but their sister insisted they should go...they refused to change their last names. now Janella and jason are 14, are they more than ready to already forget the unpleasant past? or will the past come again?anyways, she loves reading, poetry and writing and she's a music virtuoso, she plays 9 different instrumants and sings & dances well. / Miley Cyrus as Nathalie Seville. full name:Nathalie Angela Miller-Seville. her hair is brown and has blue-green eyes. Nathalie is a daughter of two very smart couple,She's the eldest of the 3 siblings and is considered as the shy one. but when she's only with friends, she can get crazy as ever!./ Taylor Swift as Macy Seville. Full name: Macy Nicolette Miller- Seville. probably, as you all noticed, she's the cousin of Aimee and Nathalie. Macy loves sports and baking at the same time. she's somwhat clumsy and a bit shy when it comes to boys. She's the only child in the family./ Emily osment as Elayne Anderson. Full name: Eleanor Roselyn Anderson. Elayne is the best of friends with Aimee, for they both really love fashion. She's the youngest of the 6 siblings and she's very outgoing and fun.
создатель: case_1999

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I remember Janellaaa! LOL :))

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