Thinking Of You

Thinking Of You
I wanted to send this out to all of you and say thank you for all your prayers for my Mom. They are working because she is almost over her sickness already and ready for her surgery. We are leaving in 6 hours. Her surgery is 8 hours away. Please continue to pray for her, for a miracle healing, and safe recovery. Thank you so much. You are all blessings in our lives. Love, Amber
создатель: berberry08

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Ladysway пишет:

3173 дня назад
This Deff went into my favs.
Thank you Ber <3
Thank you all so very much and praise GOD.

Ayaku7 пишет:

3282 дня назад

berberry08 пишет:

3286 дней назад
Thank you all for your Get Well Wishes for my Mom and your prayers for her recovery. We got her home yesterday evening. She's in pain and still on oxygen but I know she is on her way to a healthy recovery... I woke up this morning, stepped out onto my porch, looked up, and witnessed a double rainbow! Praise God! My Mom is going to be ok!! Thank you all... I love you!

berberry08 пишет:

3289 дней назад
Quite alright Sherry. I personally believe we are all put in each others lives for a reason.

Update on my Mom: They thought she was going to get to come home today. Right before we got there, her oxygen levels dropped and they said not today, hopefully tomorrow. So I gotta drive back up there tomorrow to get her. It's about 2 1/2 hours drive. :O( Can't wait for her to get better tho. Her pain, yesterday, from a scale of 1-10, 10 being worst, was at a 9. Today was at a 6. Praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!

cherrysherrygk пишет:

3289 дней назад
I for one have been hurt & I don't like it & I'm not hurting anyone & my creations were all made out of love & truth...let's use this miracle as an example.Put all bad aside & forgive each other & start truly acting Godly.I wish everyone here the best including the ones who deleted me.I love you friends whether you choose to believe it or not.
Be well & let God into your life & heart.
Sorry Amber I used your space for this but it just poured out of me.
Much Love & Many Blessings"All",

cherrysherrygk пишет:

3289 дней назад
I'm adding another 5* & another comment to show how thrilled I am & how close God is to "ALL" of us right now. I think we are angels on Blingee as we create for our friends, we pray for our friends & their families, & when the chips are down...we band together & pull each other through the rough times in life.I truly think we ALL need to re-think how we treat each other here. So many I hate to say put rumors out there or other hurtful things & we're not doing anyone any good by doing this...cont

bobbi053 пишет:

1 день назад
Your Welcome Sweetheart!!!  Praise GOD, excellent news!  I agree with Karen, stay strong for Mom will need you during her physical therapy.  I too am praying for a fast recovery, you remain in my Heart and Prayers...Love and GOD Bless +++♥♥♥+++

kmcj59 пишет:

1 день назад
Stay as strong as u are right now,she'll need u more now than ever within next couple of mos..Physical therapiy is gonna be a long process.Praying for her fast recovery.God bless....

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