The Bestest Movies Ever - Bugsy Malone

The Bestest Movies Ever - Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone is a 1976 musical film, very loosely based on events in New York City in the Prohibition era, specifically the exploits of gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran, as dramatized in cinema. Featuring only child actors (with singing voices provided by adults), director Alan Parker lightened the subject matter considerably for the children's market; the film received a G rating. This film was Parker's feature-length directorial debut, introduced actor Scott Baio, and featured veteran actress (at age 13) Jodie Foster. The Plote: The film opens with a brief action sequence in which a mobster is "splurged" by members of Dandy Dan's gang, using rapid-fire custard-shooting "splurge guns". Once splurged, a kid is "all washed up" and his career in crime is over—the splurged gangsters are never shown as dead or even unconscious, merely "finished". At Fat Sam's speakeasy there is much dancing and singing, but Fat Sam himself is worried about his rival Dandy Dan. Blousey Brown, an aspiring singer, has come for an audition, but Sam is too distracted. Bugsy Malone, a boxing promoter with no money, meets Blousey when he trips over her luggage. He is smitten, and flirts with her. Suddenly, Fat Sam's is raided by Dandy Dan's men, who shoot the place up. Dandy Dan's men continue to attack Fat Sam's empire, eventually taking away rackets and splurging most of Fat Sam's gang. Fat Sam learns about the splurge guns when one is dropped and left at the scene of an attack. Fat Sam sends all his available men to see if they can track down the guns; they are trapped at a laundry and all splurged by Dandy Dan's gang. Bugsy returns to Fat Sam's to try and arrange a new audition for Blousey. He only finds Fat Sam's girlfriend, Tallulah, who tells him that she likes him. Although Bugsy rejects her flirtation, when Blousey enters, Tallulah plants a big kiss on Bugsy's forehead, making Blousey jealous. Fat Sam hires Bugsy to come along to a meeting with Dandy Dan. This meeting turns out to be a trap, but Bugsy helps Fat Sam escape. Gratefully, Fat Sam pays him $200. Bugsy and Blousey reconcile, and have a lunch and a romantic outing on a lake. Back in the city, Bugsy promises to buy tickets for them to leave for Hollywood. However, when he returns Sam's car to the garage, he is attacked, and his money stolen. Bugsy is saved by Leroy, who punches the attackers; seeing this, Bugsy realizes he has found a potentially great boxer and helps him begin training. Fat Sam once again enlists Bugsy's aid. Bugsy and Leroy follow Dandy Dan's men to a warehouse, where they discover the guns are being stashed. The two of them can't take the place alone, so Bugsy enlists the aid of a large group of down-and-out workers at a soup kitchen. They steal the crates of guns and return with them to Fat Sam's just as Dandy Dan's gang arrives. Chaos breaks out and everyone is covered in a melee of custard. A pie hits the piano player Razmataz, who falls forward, striking a single bass note with his head. Silence instantly breaks out, and then the cast, now covered in white cream, engages in a final musical number. The characters realise they can all be friends, and Bugsy and Blousey leave for Hollywood. I was 11 years old when this movie came out; I was taken to the movies by my Mom and Step-dad on a family outing and soooo totally fell for it; so much so my step-father obtained from the studio much memorabilia...Photo Album, script, billboard and soundtrack album. I still have it all minus the billboard. We had our differences but I will always love him for that...Thank You Mort Learn more at ... ... .. .. . . NOte to self this has to be done again with foot peddled mobster-cars and splurge-guns and such...fix this how you put a flower broader on a gangster movie???? Daaa
создатель: ilsabailey

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