☆★☻『excuse M■E //ⓨⓞⓤ'ⓡⓔ// a H E L L ⒪~⒡ a guy~✡☆★☻

☆★☻『excuse M■E //ⓨⓞⓤ'ⓡⓔ// a H E L L ⒪~⒡ a guy~✡☆★☻
So im getting into another Pop/Rap-singer, named Nicki Minaj, shes okay in my opinion xP don't like her too much though. The lyrics from my blingee is from a song called ''SuperBass'' its a good song ;P Happy Birthday Kahl! damn, 23 years old in real life. Damn old man! xP jkjk, ily Kyle >-< in the South Park timeline, hes 10 xP like the other boys, May 26th is his B~DAY<3 Hes so cool & smart! but to be honest, the reason why i like him isn't about his looks, its how he acts. Its really nice how he acts. He is willing to always do the right thing. & his temper is so short, makes me giggle how easyly mad he gets..i wouldn't mind getting a boyfriend like that. Oh Vivi is my fanmade character dating Kyle xP so yeah..Plz Rate, Comment, Favorite, FB thumbs up. I <3 this Bling cX.
создатель: Soulangel11

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Background emo anime animated
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Kyle Broflovski - Jew [Happy Birthday Kyle<3]
4 months till Kyle's B-day!!!! <3



MaxinetheGreat пишет:

3139 дней назад
nice pic of kyle

Soulangel11 пишет:

3155 дней назад
Yeh I know!!! x3

dawngirl101 пишет:

3158 дней назад
Kyle is a real cutie ;D wish he was real ._.
Epic,Spectacular *100000 

Wingska пишет:

1 день назад
Kyle is the Best-my fav:-)5*

watch_homer пишет:

3163 дня назад
i like it!

alice422 пишет:

3163 дня назад

-okami-in-love- пишет:

1 день назад
Love The Colors! 5*

samphantom09 пишет:

3190 дней назад
very cool XD

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