In Memory Of My Mom

In Memory Of My Mom
My Parents fell in love by mail in 1944 in a matter of months. My Dad wrote in one of his love letters that this song was THEIR song for life. When I hear it I picture a time how life was back in 1944 and how innocent falling in love by mail was. I play this so much and it always makes me feel that they are finally reunited. I pray it is so. This was one of my Mom and Dad's favorite songs. I am so sad, but I want to thank all of you who have come by and said something. You would have loved my Mom. She would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it...I wish I could go back in time and have her back.
создатель: Fairyirish04

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MeliciousMoods пишет:

2649 дней назад
I'm so sorry for your loss i know how much it hurts! 
'love means to let someone go if it's neccessary'
i'll give a pray for her of heavenly peace ♥

AlAskANERA пишет:

3004 дня назад
Beautiful woman, and i guess a wonderful and great mother, i'm so sorry. Mom is the most important person in the world. Big hug and sweet kisses (:

DADALUS4 пишет:

3049 дней назад
I know how difficult it is to lose a parent ... and how much we want them around and still within calling distance .... but your Mom is always with you, she lives in your dreams, your memories and in all the little things that you do and are that she gave you .... don't be sad, she is not really gone .. just stepped away to another place to keep an eye on you! Talk to her, she will hear you and send you her love and blessings ..... love to you ..Judith 

FaINAS пишет:

3064 дня назад
Mom is the most sacred!(♥)

gooblegirl пишет:

1 день назад
Beautiful blingee of a beautiful lady. Awesome blingee my friend!

forensicfeline пишет:

3104 дня назад
My condonlences for the loss of your mother. She is such a beautiful lady. You both are always together in heart and spirit.
Love & Hugs, Faith

stina.scott пишет:

3202 дня назад
I'm sorry... I wrote Nov '11, it was Nov. 2010.  

stina.scott пишет:

3202 дня назад
Your mum was a beautiful woman, and this is a lovely tribute to her.  I am so very sorry for your loss.  I lost my mother Nov.'11, so I know what a heartache this is.
You have my heartfelt sympathy. ♥ ♥ ♥

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