"Your death's avenged within the darkness."

"Your death's avenged within the darkness."
Another quote that I made up(damn I've been doin' nothing,but makin' up quotes lately),but this quote's based on the "Dracula" song from Iced Earth's Horror Show album...anyways here are the lyrics............. "Do you believe in love? Do you believe in destiny? True love may come only once in a thousand lifetimes... I too have loved...they took her from me. I prayed for her soul....I prayed for her peace When I close my eyes I see her face, it comforts me When I close my eyes Memories cut like a knife The blood is the life, and Christ I defy. My sworn enemy...birth of a new creed. Is this my reward for serving God's own war? The blood I've spilled for faith fulfilled. To damn her, a disgrace, you spit back in my face. I served you loyally, and you spew blasphemy. I avenge with darkness, the blood is the life The Order of the Dragon, I feed on human life There are far worse things awaiting man than death Come taste what I have seen I'm spreading my disease I will feed upon His precious child The human race will bleed, they will serve my need. (Pre-chorus) I avenge with darkness, the blood is the life The Order of the Dragon, I feed on human life (Chorus) I am the Dragon of blood, a relentless prince of pain Renouncing God on His throne My blood is forever stained For true love I shall avenge I defy the creed that damned her."
создатель: GabyChan13

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gooblegirl пишет:

1 день назад
love this fantastic dark realm!

coolguyz13 пишет:

3079 дней назад
awesomeeeee it :) xoxo

Pixytta пишет:

3087 дней назад
     Spectacularly good!!!!

anzuip пишет:

3095 дней назад
 ♥«´¨• AMAZING •´¨`»♥

mejserr пишет:

3102 дня назад
is just that... faith... opposite of seeing and believing... U must believe without seeing.

        And dracula and his beloved suffer on behalf of that principle.

mejserr пишет:

3102 дня назад
Outstanding... U know, I was raised by catholic parents... I would want to beieve and believe closing my eyes... but I can't... there's so many sh_T going on in this world... and there's so many ocasions that I just ask myself so many questions that church... any religion can't answer. Don't misunderstand me... I believe in God... I fear hell... but I don't know... so many things... and the real problem for some... is that we wanna know... and know for sure. Our biggest dilemma is that faith 

hege69 пишет:

3103 дня назад
Wow Gabychan, this was amazing made :-)

ely171990 пишет:

3104 дня назад

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