You & Me.I Love You <3

You & Me.I Love You <3
For My 2 Babe's <3 Irma & Pauline, Irma:ive known you for almost a whole year i think almost 300 days!! when you have wrote me for the first time u have said "Hi, want to be bff?" and that point on i loved you at every second so far i loved u since that day,i will never stop ;) i love to speak with u on msn,you have always been there for me when i needed a friend,when softball ended you knew i was hurting alot and i was crying since i had to leave the the one and only team i ever have been on team "Lightning" it was hard cuz i knew i was gonna have new coaches and id miss my old ones,my teammates and friends from the last 2 days but u ask me everytime we talk if im sad about it and if i am u make me feel better and also u gave mre reasons on why to look forward to my new team next year so im happy thanks to you and only you :') ilysfm nwly! your so sweet,so amazing,so funny,just perfect,my angel <3 the light of my life,my everything :* .... Pauline:my baby <3 your one of the sweetest girls ive met in the first comment u posted me u and me loved eachother just like that! i hope u have a good school year <3 your amazing,wonderful,and i love to talk with you thanks for everything!! ... Ily both so much <3 ;*
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Комментарии пишет:

2958 дней назад
& sorry, in the other comments I wanted to say, "I'm really lucky to meet you", "you're the perfect best friend" ♥
i dont forget u ♥
fabulous ♥
favourites ;)
five stars for u ♥
Kiissses ♥
Pauline. ♥ пишет:

2958 дней назад
I think of u all the time, 'cause u're my sunshine, my angel, my lucky star ♥. so thank u for the blingee, it's super & also thank u for everything... I love to talk to u either on blingee or msn, u're great, thank you bff ♥
please, dont forget, I LOVE YOU ♥ these words r precious to me, and u too r precious for me, so please babe, dont forget it ♥ my princess ♥
~> to my fav's
~> to my heart but with u ♥ пишет:

2958 дней назад
why for me ?? 
it's really beautiful, brilliant, amazing, amazing, super, cool, so beautiful (like you ♥) & the text is even more wonderful blingee ♥ it affects me really what u say ♥. ♥ I love you. u're so incredibly gentle with me babe ♥ u're so sweet ^ ^ and u're right, since we love each other known, loved ♥ I love so lucky to know u, u're so nice & sweet ♥
lysssssssssssss{...}mfm Alli ♥

loves_miley пишет:

2960 дней назад
wow..OMG.. I lOoooOoooove you i swear to god .....
you r the coolest the nicest girl on blingee ... and kindest realy i swear 

me 2 i like to talk with u even i tald my sis about you realy 

OXoxoxoxo LOooOooOVE YOU

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