Kizuna/Kiseki: Last part(yeah I was lazy so its gonna be short and crappy)

Kizuna/Kiseki: Last part(yeah I was lazy so its gonna be short and crappy)
So Spencer and Kiseki go on their mission and they have to kill a girl named Heather Starr. So they go and they`re about to shoot, when police arrive!! They shoot at the same time and one of the bullets hit Heather. (No ones sure who killed her. Spencer or Kiseki) They try to run away, but Heathers btother, Kyle shoots randomly at them and gets Kiseki in the head. She still manages to run away. She collapses and Spencer leaves her there. She wakes up a year later in a hospital, having no memory of any of her past. A couple sitting next to her is overjoyed. They tell her they are her parents and her name is Kizuna Koizumi and she has a little sister, Kaoru waiting for her at home. Little does she know that the couple taking her in are actually her evil uncle and aunt who are using her. Their real daughter was named Kizuna, but she died from a terrible disease. Kaoru isn`t their real daughter either. She is one of Kiseki/Kizuna`s cousins. (this story was created so you could know her past. I will be working on others and try to finish them quickly. :D )
создатель: Raven_win...

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TheGuardians пишет:

2897 дней назад
awesome idea,beautiful! 5*+

EngelKagome1 пишет:

2897 дней назад
::********* ✾◕‿◕✾ *********::

-okami-in-love- пишет:

2897 дней назад
I love it and grate caption thing :D 

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