The day Jesus died!

The day Jesus died!
To His disciples and mother, the day of the crucifixion must have seemed like the end of the world! The One they believed to be the Son of God was dead! The believers were scattered and fearful, grieving their Master's cruel death, and wondering if they would be the next one to die. John, the Beloved disciple was trying to comfort Mary, but his own heart was breaking. Peter, the big brash fisherman was speechless with shame, that he had denied His Lord, and the news of Judas' suicide did nothing to help them. The ladies from Gallilee who ministered to Jesus with meals and other practical ministries, had to wait until the Passover and Sabbath were over before they could enbalm the Lord's body. And after all that, what would they all do now? How could they just return to their families and jobs as if nothing had happened? As they gathered in the house with the upper room, where Jesus had spoken with them for the last time, they started to hear rumors of a strange happening in the temple. A servant ran in to say he'd heard that the veil in the temple had ripped from the top to the bottom, when no one was touching it, at the very same time Jesus died on the cross. Much distress and fear was overtaking the Jewish people, and the priests had no answers to explain what had occured. As Mary, the Lord's mother thought of all that had happened that day, she remembered the day when she and Joseph had presented the baby Jesus at the temple, to offer a sacrifice for the first born son. A very old man, named Simeon had taken him in his arms and prayed to God, thanking Him that He had allowed him to see the promised Christ before he died. He had then said something quite strange to Mary about people being against Jesus, and that 'a sword would pierce her own soul.' It had been confusing and upsetting at the time, but now she started to understand what those words meant, as her heart was breaking from the grief of losing her own son, specially as he had been described by the Angel Gabriel as the Son of the Highest, of whose kingdom there would be no end. ..........We have the advantage of coming 2000 years later and having the New Testament Scriptures to show us what happened two short days later. They did not know, and could never have guessed that very early Sunday morning the Lord Jesus would rise again in a glorified body. He appeared to His disciples and many others (over 500 people at one time) to comfort, and teach and encourage them that it was all part of the eternal plan of God, that He would be going back to His Heavenly Father, and would send the Holy Spirit to live in them, and teach them all they needed to know. .......So that is why their darkest and saddest day is now known as "Good Friday." ........6/4/12.
создатель: NanniJay

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arentine пишет:

2648 дней назад
A great masterpiece!!!!!!

lunafairytale пишет:

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susi1959 пишет:

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.=( -,- )=. .muy bonito✿
w(“),,(“),,,c'est trop beau✿                     
Frohe ✿Ostern
feliz ✿pascuas
bonne✿ pâques
Happy✿ easter

mldb10 пишет:

2659 дней назад
ۿۿۿۿۿۿ awesome  5*ۿۿۿۿۿۿ
Have a good weekend and a wonderful Easter♥

Rhondalynne пишет:

2659 дней назад
so beautiful!!

aly68carr пишет:

2660 дней назад
Very beautiful great message

BELV пишет:

2660 дней назад
Super beau

avec tendresse et douceur

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