sakura special place

sakura special place
sakura haruno was walking to a place no one knew about then when she got there she change to her neko form then she heard someone called her name then she saw inochi sakura gasped and said to him inochi how did you find me and please dont tell anyone about this place ok he smiled at me and came closer to me and said i followed you and dont worry i wont tell anyone sakura smiled and said every time i leave this place it dissapears oh said inochi so only you can be here yes because my parents gave me this place so i own it know beside it only appears when i am in neko form but this can be our secret ok ok said inochi then hesaid its getting late so i will take you home then sakura turn back to her human form and inochi grabbed her hand and began to walk to her place and sakura said look behind you and he did his eyes widen and said its gone nothing there but trees and grass told ya said sakura wow your lucky your parents got you this place and your a neko plus you own it he smiled at me ya i know but it sad her every time i turn to my neko form and i look at my reflection it reminds me of my parents when they were still alive oh im sorry its ok well were here thanks for taking me home inochi no problem and i wont tell anyone what i saw so sakura went inside of her house and inochiwent to his hose
создатель: saklu14

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