.:Good Vs. Evil Reloader:.

.:Good Vs. Evil Reloader:.
OMFG this toke me 7 hours to do this piece o shiznick ;w;....Waste of my time -w- Plus I was trying my 4 style out :/ But I Loved the way she turn out Profile Info Name: Morrigan Ester O'Kellen(Meaning of Name:Morrigan (Celtic) - The terrifying crow Goddess associated with war and death on the battlefield. She was queen of phantoms, demons, shape-shifters and patroness of priestesses and Witches. Her name means "great queen" in the old Irish language.) Nicknames: Gold,Golden,Morr Immortarl: About 1.5 million years Ancient Egyptian Age: Looks 21... Sexual Orientation: Straight Species: Unknown Color: Golden And Black Eye Color: Grey Likes: Music,Gum,Shopping,Jewals,Being Nice,and Joking Dislikes: Being Told Wat To Do,People Hurting His Friends,And Perv Personality:intelligent,graceful,physical stamina,trustworthy,wealth in present generation,leadership skills Powers: Time Traving,Dark Side(Her Main look),Species whicher, Plague of Serpents,Locust Swarm,Fimbulwinter Weapons:A Bow n' Arrow,The Sickle Sword or Khopesh,& A Egyptian Chariots Theme Song: NightCore-Dam Dadi Do Status: Queen of the Nile/Killer of the Knigth DOB: Somewhere around 2500 B.C. Place of Birth: Egypt Relashionship status:Takened Best Friend: If someone want to be -w- Mother: Goddess Isis Father: Ammit the destroyer/God Osiris Siblings: Copper(Twin),Horus,and Penny the Unknown Mythical Family or Relatives: Her Mother Godesses Isis was believed to be the daughter of the Earth God, Geb, and the Sky Goddess, Nut. She was the sister of Osiris, Seth and Nephthys. She was also the wife of Osiris and mother of the God Horus Children: None Character and Art (c) Background (c): Google
создатель: GothRabbit

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