why i love hyuna♥;

why i love hyuna♥;
know many people ask me why I love hyuna and why she's my bias: 3 knows me knows I talk a long history and blah, blah! ~ More by chance you have anything against my bias Hyuna? Well if you are going to see me for who knows ~ ing love it.? know that since I met the Wonder Girls HyunA it was my bias, until she left the Wonder Girls and 4minute was for, HyunA 4minute is surely the best. Well when I found out that she would do a solo single 'Change' nearly died because he was dying to see ~ WHEN I SAW! OUR ONLY DAVA SCREAMING IN MY HOUSE I THINK ONE OF THE MORNING 05:00 WHY THE TIME OF KOREA IS DIFFERENT FROM BRAZIL ~ ~ my mom was super pissed I was more happy .. I woke up thinking about purchasing the CD, ok I told my dad I wanted then he told me to look for a place to buy more not found anywhere :/ Obscecada by hyuna and continued looking. After the time of 'Bubble Pop' when would debut the M / V Our I said - THE COMEBACK HyunA!! ; I was killing me to see this video, I was grounded nobody else conseguio me block out the truth when I saw video ~ The God of heaven VI HyunA WITH LEE JOON OF MBLAQ I freaked because he is more then I my xD said: - Okay HyunA we split! -; After her time with the BEAST with 'troble Maker' .. The M / V was incredible! the more Hyuna became an adult she became more beautiful. Recemtemen the M / V 'Ice Cream' I waited two days bugging my mother why he wanted to see the video later when I launched simpleste died jealous of Hyuna '-' so perfect! Well the same day I downloaded music on my phone so I ~ Ai dad left I buy CD's HyunA! YES!! FINALLY! Well as I had money I would buy the CD 'Bubble Pop' and 'Melting'. Well I have not bought more .. When I buy I post a picture continuing ♥ ♥ Well I discovered that HyunA went through difficult moments in life like me. Depression and health problems such HyunA has the same problems that my healths to give more conciderar. Always think-Does she took her remidio? - How is she? - I need it -; Well as you see I look like her mother, but when I discovered the real reason which she left the Wonder Girls cried because I pitied her; (is .. Well as you can see this is my text ' why i love hyuna 'thank you ~ I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER! ♥~
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ekaterina100 пишет:

1979 дней назад

TheGuardians пишет:

2502 дня назад
super cool! 5*

ArisLollipop92 пишет:

2536 дней назад
♥ ♥ ★ ♣ωση∂єяƒυℓ
♥ ♥ ♥ ★ ♣ƒαηтαѕтι¢
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ★ ♣мαgηιƒι¢єηт

lousei пишет:

2536 дней назад
Beautiful  5*****     
The rose of Friendship for you ♥ 

_IamNina_ пишет:

2538 дней назад
Thanks for this add in the group !!Asian Music!! and for all your adds in the future
 `·. !!ASIAN MUSIC!! 
/ \

V.I.Pride пишет:

2539 дней назад
So very amazing!!!
Love it! :)
5* and more

gartenomi пишет:

2540 дней назад
           5 ★☆★☆★☆               .-..-.
          Wunderschön               `·.·´
    .-..-.           ☆        ☆        
    `·.·´  ☆          ☆        ☆  
   /▌   Happy Weekend
 =Bussi= ☆♥☆ Deine ☆♥☆ Gabi

LuLy-LuKy пишет:

2540 дней назад
(")_(")??       Beautiful

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