Black Butterfly-2013

Black Butterfly-2013
"America, America, America, I charge you with the crime of rape, murder, and assault." One day I’m gonna bust, blow up on this society... why did you lie to me? I couldn’t find a trace of humanity. ~Tupac Shakur _________________(So much has happened to me that I feel like its a matter of time before I "die" (but am really killed). I don't want my family (mom, twin brother or grandmother) speaking for me or their words to be taken seriously because in a way they have abandoned me. I still have some support from them but, when it comes to my targeting, they refuse to research what I'm going through, they tell me that I shouldn't want them to know more because of how its affected my life and they also tend to gaslight me in ways that's lets me know they have access to my online accounts and posts/comments I make within groups on FB. My mom has told me I am too judgemental for calling Shelia Sullivan a rapist when this woman made fun of me when I had cuts, burns and red marks on my thighs and vagina from microwave burn technology and direct energy weapons. My mother saw me when I was burned and she said she'd never seen anything like that and that she couldn't explain the burns or cuts and the swelling. I have told my mom about my nightmares being influenced and how I had dreams of my father raping me as a child and adult and that Shelia made fun of me the next morning or later on in the day and she did this over the years. This whole thing has ripped my family apart and I think Shelia Sullivan is the most disgusting lesbian I've ever met on fucking earth because who's ever heard of a lesbian woman setting her "step daughter" up for rape and torture and then playing mind games with her only to tell her she's hallucinating. I have repeated her words and her threats to me over and over again. I have over 4 years of documentation against Shelia and I wrote about things she did to me that I couldn't explain at the time when this woman came off as what I call a mind reader. How fucking vile is it to set your girlfriends daughter up for rape and torture and then rape her mind by reading it? And she sleeps next to my mother every night. Right now, she's playing the charming manic depressive role. She tells people she acts the way she does because her twin sister died. They have murdered people over drugs so, she's lucky her twin just died. And she's psychotic for not leaving knowing she isn't wanted or needed. I don't want my mother or family speaking for me if I die because not only are they telling me they won't research what I'm saying but, they are allowing a rapist to stay around. For years everyone in my family and my mom's friends have said Shelia needs therepy. I can not believe a bitch without a high school degree who had years and years to get educated (while my father paid the rent from the time I was 8 to the time I was 22) and who everyone else says is evil tried to target me. I wrote about my father having a stroke on the right side of his body after finding a woman's wallet who'd just had a stroke on the same side of her body. He kept the wallet and 2 weeks later, he had a stroke in the parking lot. Well, I wrote about that and how I felt like my grandmother had become mean spirited when she told me I would have a heart attack and mental problems if I continued to ignore my mom by not talking to her because of Shelia. And she told me I had to let everything go. The next day, she was robbed and knocked on her face in the parking lot and over $300 was taken along with her purse and cell phone. I'm not saying she was targeted because of me or that she received karma for being mean and doing mean things to me because I said I didn't want mom in my life bcause of Shelia. I'm saying that my entire family is falling apart while a rapist who isn't truly loved and TRULY knows that sticks around to prove a point. She knows my mom is only with her because they've been together over 20 years and it makes my mom a little twisted but, my childhood speaks for itself as does a lot of my mother's actions. But, Shelia was a part of something so twisted and my father is the best man I've ever met in my entire life. She tried to take that from me. I will fight to the DEATH for my father and I don't care about losing anything or anyone. There is a movie out called "Snitch" and its heard in the lastest songs (the word 'snitch' and undercover agent or FBI agent) and more and more of the truth is coming out although there's little media coverage each year. Shelia will not be killed by me but, her life will NEVER be the same because of me because I will not let my rapist (the woman who my mother sleeps with) who took part in my rape live comfortably. Everyone on the first floor of my building heard me call her a rapist and I will continue to. Everyone will know she is a rapist and perps try to slience the target by telling them they can't explain the situation well enough or they will say anything to make the target feel like they aren't smart enough. Or they say the target is paranoid, dramatic and when I begin to explain in depth and I am making enough sense, the subject is changed or the person denying the truth won't listen. I'm so strong, the only thing that will stop me is death and I think that fucking all the fathers in this world should fight for their daughters, fight against the kind of mind control and that they should want a daughter who loves them so much, even after death that she'd fight to the death for him. I know I don't have to keep proving a point but, no fucking rapist or perpetrator is allowed in my life outside of work!! Shelia's pictures will be put online again. And I will continue to journal, blog and expose what she's help do to me. She is so fucking inferior, that she felts like its cool to be a bully, throw up Freemason hand signs (while on welfare and with a free government phone). She likes being a bully and she had pictures of wolves around and said she's been in the game and has an uncle who's a freemason who would put me in a strait jacket. She's so ignorant that although my family structure is damaged, she sounded like these stupid little broke bitches 12 and 13 claiming a gang like Bloods and Crip who buy 24 ounce cans with silver and copper change. I still plan to publish my journal and feeling like my mother is a little twisted makes it easier for me to actually explain that a woman like her should not be able to speak for me if I end up dead. I'm actually hoping that someone online will speak up for me if I end up on the news dead...but, I know most people are afraid of ending up dead. I don't have anything but materials to live for. I work over time and I want more over time because the quality of life hasn't been the same since my targeting began after I filed a sexual harassment suit against the Galt House Hotel. I am living for materials and to make someone else's life easier. But, I will not die in silence and I know Shelia Sullivan and a lot of people who mob will not be arrested but, they will be exposed.
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