the 3 lovers (thinkagains lovers)

the 3 lovers (thinkagains lovers)
Alright ill go in Alfabete order! ------------------------------------------------- Cheseuteo Geom-eun Jib **Chester Blackhouse in Korean** ok he has a Tuquoise Hoody and Kpop Turquoise Tie the one with the Korean Flag and with Sparkley Animationed Word Red Kiss Mark on Cheek and White Polo Tee with Tranparated But Visable Glasses with 2 sparkles in eyes with Rainbow Cival Rights Badge and Signitured Autograph Of His Looks like... ----------------------------------------------- 2. De Collins Queimaduras Madeira the one with turquoise teal looking Jacket with polo stripped Shirt... Red Kiss mark on cheek Civil Rights Rainbow Badge, The Friend Catches your tears Advice Badge **1 with the Big Tear with Face going :(**,The Philippines flag the autograph Signitured what it'll look like ... -----------------------------------------------3. S̄ī dæng leụ̄xd h̄mū Ronco kuỵcæmụ̄x Long name right lol! xd... anyways... Force a smile and blink away those tears... badge 1 with Pink words and black background..,Gay Rejected by Crush Badge **1 with Baby green background with pink surrounding pink with blackwords...,thailand flag,Blingee Signitured,Everyone loves yaoi Badge **Center**,Rainbow Civil Rights Badge,Kawaiian Smile Button,Sexy Pointing Sign,Autograph Signitured **On his tuquoise Jacket Really Big!**
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Carlos Pena Autograph

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