.:(♥)I'm sorry I made you mad, I'll go kill myself(♥):.

.:(♥)I'm sorry I made you mad, I'll go kill myself(♥):.
Here's a fact about me: I draw what ever mood I am, for example if I'm happy I draw happy things/Today I drew something perfect for the feeling I have. Sad and Happy. Its a split personality, it says: I just wanna be LOVED./Now will you excuse me while I draw some more sad pictures///I had another fight with my mom! But instead she called me a worthless, ugly, unlovable BITCH!!! I WANNA DIE!!! Just give a fake smile and cry in the inside... D'X
создатель: RubyCat2

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I'm sorry, I can't be perfect [Perfect by Simple Plan]   _smile97_
I'm sorry, I can't be perfect [Perfect by Simple Plan]   _smile97_



KittyCatRarity пишет:

2007 дней назад
Don't Cry RubyCat2 You Are A Good Friend Don't Kill Yourself

deerstar233 пишет:

2009 дней назад
Ruby don't do that! You made no one mad! D= Ruby thing will turn up! You'll see! Your friends, support you all! =D ♥

themegalipton пишет:

2010 дней назад
Dat Mother f*nker is so confused its the other way around!!!
Please don't cry!!!
 XD i swae dat bunny is me!! (angel)
Please please please don't...

FunnyPrincess... пишет:

2010 дней назад
D:No Ruby, don't kill yourself! I know how you feel... I also draw pictures that I show I feel. And when it comes to me really bad, or I'm really angry of someone, then I draw... bloody pictures... Others say when they see these pictures I was a psycho, but I just wanna be love... But Ruby, or better Danielle, you're not alone, you have friends who support you...:)

sparklegirl6688 пишет:

2011 дней назад
D: dont be sad Ruby we love you and care about u. dont kill yourself its not a good idea. We love u angel ruby!

raysmith42 пишет:

2011 дней назад
♪Wonderful My Friend♪ 
☆★☆★☆ 5 ★☆★☆★
 Thank You For All Of
 The Nice Comments
      ♪ And Votes♪

HannahJuly пишет:

2011 дней назад
5 stars
I often make blingees based on my emotions too

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