let's plan a party

let's plan a party
Diana: alright everyone here? Sonic: no, where is Jade? Diana: she isn't invited because we're going to plan a surprise party for her. Cream: that would be great fun. i hope she'll enjoy it. Diana: me to Cream, but we have to keep it secret. Sonic: first tell us what we have to do. Diana: oké, oké. Sonic, Vanilla and Cream. You're going to Buddy the baker. He'll teach you how to make a wonderful birthday cake for Jade. Vanilla: that's a wonderful plan. Diana: and Sonic, behave yourself oké. Sonic: what? o, yes i'll do. Diana: oké, Tails, Charmy and Espio. You guys are doing the light and the music, is that oké? Tails: sure it is. Espio: fine. Diana: Vector, you need to find a limosine to bring her to Vanilla's and Creams house where the party is, got it. Vector: yes, i got it. Diana: Marine, Jet and Wave. You'll need to find an artist she likes and don't do the same thing you did 3 years ago with Sally's birthday. Jet: you mean kidnapping Katty Perry? Diana: exactly, don't do something like that again. Wave: we got it. Lightning: i think that Shadow, Silver and i have to decorate? Diana: how do you know that? Lightning: i saw your list yesterday. Diana: ow, well Knuckles and Tikal have to keep her busy and Rouge and Blaze have to find some bling and don't steal it girls. Rouge: aw, well i'll behave myself, but only because it's for Jade's birthday. Diana: by the way Lightning, you have to find some entertanment. You know, something like henna tattoos or something. Lightning: i got it. Diana: Amy and Cosmo have to work about plan B. Amy: plan B? Diana: i really won't, but we have to lie against Jade. If she know what we do than it's not a surprise anymore so plan B is acting like we are busy with JBBE, what means June Best Beemonth Ever. actually it has to stand for Jade's Best Birthday Ever, but if she ask about it just talk about the Beemonth. Cream: we will do and we will treat her like a queen bee. Diana: good, i'm gonna make something she can wear to her birthday. everyone ready for JBBE! everyone: YES MADAM! Diana: ALRIGHT LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!
создатель: dww1998

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theswanprince... пишет:

1819 дней назад

sonicXlove пишет:

1826 дней назад
Hello! hope you don't mind me pitching an idea but i thought for entertainment  scents i like that show shake it up? (please don't judge me for liking this show XD) i thought they can be dancers at the party (you know like the characters rocky&cece?)

Fresita-2.4 пишет:

1828 дней назад
Just fantastic, very awesome, god job 

sonicXlove пишет:

1828 дней назад
(And also ill be 13 I'm gonna pretend like i don't know about this cause Jade is me in sonic form!)

sonicXlove пишет:

1828 дней назад
This is awesome! (here are some ideas for the artist  like 5SOS Five seconds of summer to preform amnesia or rixton with wait one me/me and my broken heart or Jason derulo music and such i like a lot of artists! lol! you only need to pick one!)

KittyCatRarity2 пишет:

1828 дней назад

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