My Sister Helen Hull Hitchcock Thanksgiving and Christmas / Joyful226

My Sister Helen Hull Hitchcock Thanksgiving and Christmas / Joyful226
This was made for a web page at "not over the hill" you can click on the link under my name in my profile go to the page if you would like to see it. I wanted to dedicate that page to My late sister Helen (LeAne) Hull Hitchcock for Thanksgiving and Christmas as she loved those two holiday's so much.In Memory of my sister Helen (Leane) Hull Hitchcock. She passed away on Oct. 20 2014 at the age of 75. She loved the Holiday's Thanksgiving, Christmas and 12th night. She also enjoyed antiques. The spinning wheel has a double meaning, in that, although the pilgrims used them as the little girl represents our first Thanksgiving, to the right but also my sister spun her own wool carded it and all even dyed her own wool with natural products like marigolds, onions and other natural dyes. After she spun the wool with a spinning wheel much like the one shown here, She would either knit the wool or wave it. One time with the natural dyes she had made, she did a weaving of the head of Christ. Beautiful. At her funeral they read Proverbs 31:10-31 and seemed to fit her perfectly about a good wife and mother. She loved to read as seen by the books, and had candles on her Christmas tree although not always lit they were there. She loved the Christmas story and classical art work, The tree fan above the little girl She loved old fan's and know if she didn't have one like this she would have loved it. She looked forward to family gatherings and cooking for the festivities. Therefore although she is not with us this Christmas, on earth, she is very much with us in spirit and her legacy that she has left all.. most of it came from her Hull side of the family.. Her Grandma Hull always had big Christmas and Thanksgiving family dinners. Her dad carried on the home tradition he was brought up with as well. Our Mom was more into the spiritual side. For our church we went to when I was growing up. (the historic Ash Rock Congregational Church) she created an wonderful Christmas Pageant. She wrote, directed, and designed the costumes, with various colored satin's, organza, brocades, velvets, even burlap. as well. This become an outstanding Christmas Pageant still remembered to this day. For not only our community but people from all around the area would come to it. For years my sister played the part of Mary. After she moved to far away and I was old enough I played the part for several years as well. Later I narrated it.So you see We had the joy of Christmas in all ways. What a beautiful time and season it was and still is. Thanksgiving is too with all the good meals with family and friends what a great way to usher in Christmas season. They rather go hand in hand, only I wish it was like the third Thursday of the Month of November rather than the last one..I hope you have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas too. Connie
создатель: joyful226

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