45th anniversary of corkey the 2s capture READ THE Description

45th anniversary of corkey the 2s capture READ THE Description
CORKY 2 Seaworld Corky (II) is a female captive from the A5 Pod in British Columbia, Canada. From studies of this population, it is known that her mother was A23 (Stripe). A23 died in 2000, at the approximate age of 53 years old. Corky had a brother, A27 (Okisollo), also deceased. Her living family currently consists of a younger sister, A43 (Ripple), a niece, A69 (Midsummer), and a younger brother, A60 (Fife). She currently lives at SeaWorld San Diego in California. Corky (II) received her name after the park's original Corky died in December 1970. Of the other animals captured on that day, only Corky still survives. She is estimated to have been born in 1966. she is the longest hold captive orca Corky was placed in a small pool with an adult male, Orky (II), also caught in Pender Harbor the year before her own capture. The two orcas remained together at the park for the next 19 years. During her time at Marineland, Corky became the first orca to become pregnant and give birth in captivity. While pregnant with her first calf, no one was aware of her pregnancy. On February 28, 1977, the first calf to be born alive in captivity was born at Marineland to Corky and Orky. The calf was a male and died after eighteen days. Corky went on to give birth six more times while at Marineland. Kiva, the longest surviving calf, lived only a total of 47 days. There are several reasons as to why Corky's calves did not survive. The first might be that she was captured too young to have learned how to properly take care of a calf. However, even after she went through training to teach her how to nurse, the calves continued to die. Another reason the calves died so young could be attributed to the shape of Marineland's pools — small circles. Corky had to continually push her calves away from the walls and could not properly present her mammaries to the calves so that they could nurse. Her time at Marineland ended in January 1987, after the park was sold to SeaWorld. Corky, then pregnant for the seventh time, was moved with Orky to the park in San Diego. There, at SeaWorld, Corky suffered a miscarriage. Life at SeaWorld Corky and Orky were placed with the other orcas at SeaWorld, in a system of pools much larger than those they had lived in at Marineland. Orky was desired primarily for SeaWorld's breeding program, and while at SeaWorld he sired two female calves, Orkid and Kayla, both of which are still alive today. Corky, on the other hand, never became pregnant again. Three days after the birth of his first daughter, Orky died. His daughter, Orkid, remains at the park today. In 1989, the dominant orca at the park, Kandu V, attempted to rake Corky — a way orcas show dominance by forcefully scratching at another with their teeth. Kandu charged at Corky, attempting to rake her, she missed and continued swimming into the back pool, where she ended up ramming the wall, rupturing an artery in her jaw. The people in the stadium were quickly ushered out, and after a 45 minute hemorrhage, Kandu V died, all the while she swam alongside her 11 month old calf Orkid for the last portion of her life. Orkid, orphaned at only 11 months old, was placed with Corky, and the two remain together at the park to this day. Orkid and Corky were bonded for several years after the death of Kandu V. Corky is easily identified thanks to her tall, straight dorsal fin, her pointed eyepatches, and most distinguishing, her large size for a female. She also tends to swim upside down in the pools. Corky today Corky is now approximately 48 years old. She has lived in captivity for over 40 years. She suffers from cataracts in her right eye, though it does not seem to impair her daily activities. She still performs regularly in shows, under the stage name Shamu. Incidents with humans 24-year-old female Corky 2 pushed the mid-section of a trainer Sea World California, USA Corky 2 28-year-old female Corky 2 pushed a trainer. Sea World California, USA Corky 2 34-year-old female Corky 2 prevents a trainer from exiting the water by rostrum “blocking”. Sea World California, USA Corky 2 After a good playtime session including waterwork in “A” pool, while sitting at stage with a few trainers next to her, 40-year-old female Corky 2 began to mouth a trainer’s ponytail. She corrected quickly once asked by a trainer on stage to sit “heads up”. its time to send her to a seapen sign this petition link is here https://www.change.org/p/mayor-faulconer-proclaim-december-corky-orca-retirement-month ht please tell everyone about this no matter who it is online or in real life and tell them this in other languages to spreed this around the world make it become incredibly well known
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