thanks for Coniraya <:33

thanks for Coniraya <:33
Name:Coniraya ~~~ Gender:Male ~~~ Species:Wolf ~~~ Breed:Pure Wolf God ~~~ Abilities:Able to control the temperature when its night time, when the moon rises and sets ~~~ Powers:He knows how to control water, able to make a little water turn into more, able to move water around into the air, and absorbe water from the ground ~~~ Mother:Shes unknown to him ~~~ Father:He is also unknown to him ~~~ Brother(s):Amaterasu{owned by me} and ~~~ Sister(s): ~~~ Personality:Independent, wise, melow, loner type and quiet ~~~ Sexual Orientation:Straight ~~~ Crush(s):No one at this time ~~~ Mate:Maybe in the future ^^'... ~~~ Son(s):Maybe one day when I find the right female ~~~ Daughter(s):I want some in the future^^ ~~~ Ex-Mate(s):Never had one ~~~ Likes:Cold winter days, snowy days in the falls, being up in the mountains, fresh cool air during the night time, fishing and swimming in the ocean ~~~ Dislikes:Summer, hot days, warm areas, closed in areas and being around crowds ~~~ Owner:He doesnt have a owner ~~~ First Picture: / ID Now: ~~~ History:He was created by Gabby and is ment to be the Night God but is capable of being able to controll the water^^ every time the Moon rises to our new RPing games at night he does this to start up the night full of fun and exciting adventures ^^ he doesnt have much of a pass since he hardly can remember his childhood ~~~ Adopted or Created by Me:Gabby gave him to me as a gift <33 THANKS! ~~~ Approximate Date of Creation:3/7/15 ~~~ Other Info:Even though he's a God hes quite quiet and a bit of a loner, he prefurs to be alone and doesnt want to be a leader of nothing and no one ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me:thanks alot Gaby! :3 hes sooo adorable <33 *hugs u* Reminder to self:His name means moon and created 3/7/15
создатель: CrystalNi...

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bitani49 пишет:

1699 дней назад
Wow you made him look so awesome 8D I love how he came out on this picture ;o; you did a great job on the background and his lookie :)

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