『✯ My Life Story.✯』[Rᴇᴀᴅ Bᴇʟᴏᴡ]

『✯ My Life Story.✯』[Rᴇᴀᴅ Bᴇʟᴏᴡ]
• 07.07.2017; 20:00 • because many people asked me how i found that i am a witch.well,let me clarify this now. 5 years ago,i found a book. i didn't know what book was that,because i never seen one this before. inside of it was an envelope. i read it at it was from my great-great-grandma,what lives in Middle Ages.she was a witch,like some of them from there. before she was killed for practicing witchcraft,she left that book and her powers for someone in her family. first,i thought it was a mistake to found it. but when i went to a destination from the envelope,i arrived at a big house. i went in there and i saw many people. i didn't know who are them,but i found that they are witches as my great-great-grandma. so i'm one too. but unfortunely many people taunted me with that,and i needed to return the spells to headquarters. and now,how sephiroth and vincent are my fiancees? when i started the spell,i had another boyfriend. before sephiroth i had 3 boyfriends. i found a destiny book,and there was typed everything what i've done already. after that,typed that my destiny is to be with sephiroth crescent. after 5 months with sephiroth,in destiny book typed that i need to take again vincent as boyfriend. yes,before i was with sephiroth,i was with his twin,and then i had my first relationship with vincent,what was just two months. after that i needed to broke up with him and to start with sephiroth. i was very happy when i found that i need to start again with vincent. they are my fiancees because i can't broke up with them.this is our destiny.to be together.in 4 or 5 years we will marry. first i will marry with sephiroth,will have our honeymoon,just us two,after that same with vincent. and about my boyfriends and other entities. i have four entities: witch entity,black angel,vampire and human. i'm a vampire princess so i'm allowed to have 4 boyfriends in the same time. but i don't know what is in my head but i have 11 boyfriends. XD and in my vampire entity i have yellow eyes. and how do i sleep with all of them? see,when i'm sleeping in spell,another one cames if i want to. it's like a dream.but a real dream. first i'm going to sleep with sephiroth and vincent(of course),after that with aion;taroutachi and jiroutachi(we sleep in the same bed);aoe;kanesada;carla;alucard,undertaker and lysander. black angel: is my entity where i have two black wings,what resembles very well with sephiroth's wing. and my eyes are red in that entity. witch: i can make spells in my story because i still have them there,but not in real life. and my eyes became light red everytime when i make a spell. and about the human entity,i don't think that it need an explication. i hope everything it's clear now about my life story.
создатель: Teodoruka

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Beautiful Creation!!!!!!!!
Totally Awesome Life Story :)
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5 ★★★★★

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Beautiful Creation!  Have a wonderful weekend! 55555

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Fantastique création my dear friend:)
have a nice evening
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