Yuuki Cross

Yuuki Cross
Main Character from my fave manga! ^_^ zeroxyuuki FOREVER! (Note This is a really bad Blingee... I mgith make a different Yuuki one in the mean time enjoy! Yuuki Cross is the adoptive daughter of the chairman, principle of Cross Academy. 10 years before the story is set, yuuki is attacked by a Level E (Ex human Vampire) when she was lost in the snow, she was saved by Kaname Kuran who is also a vampire, and a very rare type to (a Pureblood) (SPOILER: Kaname is yuukis love, and brother. She was born as Kaname's Fiance, having her vampire side closed when her mother used her powers to turn her human before she and her father were killed. kaname looked for her and found her in the snow, having her mother wipe all of yuukis memories Yuuki is helpless and knows nothing. Later n the series her Vampire side is awoken when Kaname bites Yuuki.) Yuuki is the gardian of Cross Academy alongside her adoptive brother Zero Kiryu whos family was killed by the 'Madly Blooming Princess' who is a Pureblood like Kaname, Zero was bitten by her making him turn slowly into a Vampire, then into a level E. The secret of Vampires must be kept hidden by Zero and Yuuki, Yuuki is continuously worried for Zeros safty, Kanames love and for Yori her best friend. Whatever she does she cannot escape fate, that she will be a vampire and that her life will always be full of blood, biting necks, problems and mysteries.
создатель: Snakrap

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