HER REPERTOIRE'S REPOSE (Leva's Legacy, Part 3 of 4)

HER REPERTOIRE'S REPOSE (Leva's Legacy, Part 3 of 4)
[Created 1/29/09] ---------------------------------------------------------------- BLINGEE TITLE:  HER REPERTOIRE'S REPOSE  --------------------------------  CAPTION:  After having traveled the world, playing her heart out to the adoring masses, she finds herself exhausted still.  And again alone.  Her world tour has finally come to an end.  And after her last performance at the Gran Teatro Malibran of Venice, she slips outside and collapses on the steps of the canal.  She finds herself curiously alone in this bustling city built on water but, unaware, lover swans befriend as she is serenaded by the angel who has kept watch over her all her life.  This angel plays for her now and for her ALONE.  For this is the culmination of her opus: Alone in her repose but satiated just the same because although she may be alone, she is never lonely.  She always will have her music and the faith of the Fates and Celestian Spheres who vow to reveal themselves to her soon.  --------  PURPOSE: This is the 3rd in a 4 part blingee collection I call *Leva's Legacy* and I created this collection as tribute to Ercassiel/Leva, my favorite blingster whose talent is unsurpassed even beyond Blingee Land.  You can see her awesome blingees at: http://blingee.com/profile/Ercassiel.  -------------------------------------  GLOSSARY:  'Repertoire', as a music term, is a list of dramas, operas, pieces, or parts that a person performs.  'Repose', as a music term, is a state of resting after exertion.   ----------------------------------------------  CREDITS: Jean-Paul Avisse is the artist of this original artwork titled "Venice of Dreams"; more of his gorgeous work can be viewed here:  http://www.prestigeart.com/AvissePages/AvisseMain1.htm. [Note: My main inspiration for doing these 4 part blingees accompanied by a story, came from the person for whom these blingees were made. I think she is the top talent here and I try to learn from her without copying what she does. THANK YOU LEVA for inspiring me so much!] ------------------------------------ A WARNING TO CANNIBALS: DO NOT STEAL MY BLINGEES. THIS INCLUDES NOT DOWNLOADING THEM TO YOUR COMPUTER AND REUPLOADING THEM AS ONE OF YOUR STAMPS TO MAKE YOUR OWN BLINGEE OUT OF MY ORIGINAL BLINGEE. DOING SO IS AGAINST TERMS OF USE AND THE BLINGEE TEAM WILL MAKE YOU REMOVE THE STOLEN WORK AND MAY EVEN KICK YOU OFF THE SITE!
создатель: KimmeesBl...

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swtjade пишет:

3926 дней назад

borzoilvr пишет:

3943 дня назад
Another amazing bling, the story brings the picture alive with the animations. 

granny97 пишет:

3950 дней назад
so wonderful!!

birdtoes пишет:

3966 дней назад
Utterly GORGEOUS - and so very sweet!

SwtKat5 пишет:

3968 дней назад
Super cool!

tikayhill пишет:

3969 дней назад
Oh! Yes!

Ercassiel пишет:

3969 дней назад
This is beyond lovely. I am in literal tears, so hard I can barely type. I feel so, I can't explain, what I am feeling. I just know, it is a good feeling.
I know I am talking like a babbling idiot, but I don't have any words to express how absolutely beautiful this is.
It's all the small touches that make it come alive, like the lights hanging overhead, the ever burning candle, the reflective rose, and especially the angel.
The REAL angel of music is you~

karen0428 пишет:

3970 дней назад
So very lovely!

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