~Spreading Love In Blingeeland~

~Spreading Love In Blingeeland~
I remember when I was new here to Blingee, which was not really long ago, I was so amazed that perfect strangers took me under thier wing and helped me find my way around blingee. Tgrams introduced me to my very first group PDB. It was so funny becuz I could not figure out how to post the link to my blingee in the group forum :) Tgrams took her time explaining, helping and laughing WITH me! Eventually... Tgrams posted my blingee in the forum, cuz I just didnt get it!!hahahahahahaha From that day forward each and every new friend and/or group friends(you all know who you are) ALL helped me in everyway you can imagine...with blingee, stamps, how-to ideas, websites to help my blingee work, stopping by to see & make cool comments on my blingees and created beautiful name stamps for me...I was in Awwwwwwwwwwwww The feeling everyone gave me lifted my heart, mind & soul out of a very deep depression I was in due to my injury, pain & months in bed. Because of my friends here at Blingee, my family & friends at home are happy again watching me do well & getting better everyday. My mother & my husband say thank God Anna found Blingee. I find that the world goes around much better when there is friendship, happiness & peace. I now find myself helping new members in any way I can. And when they seem frustrated or confused on how blingee or groups work... I try to help them, make them laugh it off and show them all the lil things everyone shared with me. "Pay It Forward" type of feeling. So heres a lil sumthin to SPREAD THE LOVE AROUND BLINGEELAND! ((BIG HUGS))
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Dalejrgirl79 пишет:

3452 дня назад
Congrats on #8! I'm so glad you found blingee too...You always inspire & amaze me with me with your awesome works of art :) 

vickylovesjamie пишет:

3787 дней назад
beautifu!!! i love i love and the colors too!! 

scorpio39 пишет:

3792 дня назад
U r such a treasure and beloved friend, you don't know how much you mean to all of us, we love you dear and thank you for such a perfect talent you have that you share with us!

indira28 пишет:

3804 дня назад
Congratulations on your # 8 place Anna...i like this blingee ...this is very pretty!!!

RockStarGeisha пишет:

3804 дня назад
This is wonderful, very nice. Haha, and yeah, people here at Blingee are amazing. I swear, this has to be the nicest place on the internet. XD 5 stars, and nothing less! Congrats on your high rank!

maryannesabatino пишет:

3804 дня назад
Oh my bella..this is so sweet. Congratulations on your top 10 win....well deserved!

mitzi26 пишет:

3804 дня назад
Congrats on your #8 win!! Such a Sweet Valentine!

3Mela3 пишет:

3804 дня назад

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