A Broken Heart

A Broken Heart
I see you everyday at school. Laughing with your friends. Brooding over assignments. Walking to your classes, with long and graceful strides. Dirty Dish Blonde hair that almost reaches your shoulders and curls at the tips. Green eyes that sparkle when you're happy. Long , black eyelashes connected to your large, almost innocent eyes. Slightly crooked smile with slightly crooked teeth. Long arms that you carry your green binder with. Hands with slender fingers that you hold your pencil with. I see how you hold your Trumpet. Pushing down the valves, with confidence. I watch you everyday. I see how youre eyes seem to look right through me. You probably never noticed. You're with someone now. Nothings really changed about you. But me? Everytime I look at you, my stomach coils up and I feel cold, rigid. I feel like breaking down there and then, and letting all my locked up tears, out. But I don't. You still don't really notice me. And you're still the same person I love.
создатель: Konata15

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Broken Heart



telma-toff пишет:

3729 дней назад
This is soo... deep im usally not impressed with this junk but this... this is just awesome!... is it all true?

fairys11 пишет:

3740 дней назад
Konata , what u wrote is so deep, that is ... wow!! I write like that but i more impressed with u than myself!! that was deep..wow!! is this all true?? 

Sonicxdude пишет:

3743 дня назад
I love it T_T 5*****

jessixox602 пишет:

3745 дней назад

silvermoon_1996 пишет:

3750 дней назад
awsome! but plz dont feel like dis. u deserve better! u  need someone dats cares out u!

Shayleatone пишет:

1 день назад
***** nice pls rate one for me

BigFlyer пишет:

1 день назад
Please, don't tell me that you feel like this...
You deserve better!!
But is a nice blingee anyway!!

Aqua_Uchiha пишет:

1 день назад
O: is that like how yew feel?

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