Hi everyone

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The Blingee I added is of my Great Grandmother, she was of the Cherokee Tribe.  I'm hopeing to find who has the orignal picture at our re-union this weekend. I painted a picture for the white elephant sale we have to raise money for the next year.  Whoever re-stored the picture removed most of the details so I had to guess. I will bring it up and blingee it a little so I can share it with y'all.  (((hugs))) 
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 Welcome, I love the blingee's you added. That is a beautiful pic of you grandmother. Well done. I am cherokee also.
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Thats great, I think it's a bloodline to be proud of.  We are still tracing our linage back on my Grandmothers side, my Grandfathers(German) has been traced to the 3th century. Thats is on my mothers side which I know men do not aprove but it is the true and dominated line. LOL
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I was able to find this group,and I was very interested to join I'm cherokee indian.I love to collect Native American things.Such as Dream Catchers and Aero Heads ect. 

I'll send Indian pictures when get them made!

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Hi i was wondering if there was a group for the American Indians as i think they're awesome, i have many statues and pictures i've collected over the years. Anyway thanks for creating this group.

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