Superman & Smallville

Superman & Smallville

All Blingees relating to any of the Superman movies, or the tv shows 'Smallville' or 'Lois and Clark'. Blingees of Superman cartoons and comics are also welcome, as well as Blingees of the actors/actresses from any of these (:

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Smallville Rules!! 

Add all your Superman & Smallville Blingees![Including Blingees of your favourite actors & actresses from Superman or Smallville!]

All Smallville pairings are welcome here, so I'd love to see everyone adding Blingees of their fave couples :)

This group is sort of dead, not much activity going on =P

I'll rate any Blingees that get added, and I'll leave a few comments - though I am unable to leave comments if your profile settings prevent me from being able to do so...

Take the time to have a look at some of the Blingees that have been added, and maybe rate and comment some =)

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Blingees =)
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